If a heavy metal tire clamp ends up on your car, it’s probably because you have $350 or more in unpaid New York City parking tickets judgments. Instead of tow trucks, the city will now try using wheel boots to clamp down on delinquent ticket payers in a limited pilot program expected to begin in a few months. To remove the clamps, motorists will need to call the number on the notice that will be placed under their car’s windshield wiper. After providing a credit or debit card number over the phone to pay for outstanding tickets, motorists will be given a code to unlock the clamp. The $500, 16-pound clamp must then be returned to a drop-off location within a limited time, or an additional financial penalty will be charged. The program is designed to help facilitate collections of parking judgments by city marshals. Using license plate recognition cameras and software, marshals can now much more easily find cars with outstanding judgments, but currently, they need to wait for an available tow truck to remove the vehicles from the street. The clamps are designed to streamline the collection process. Tow trucks will still enforce parking rules at bus stops or hydrants, or other restricted parking locations.