Riddle: What’s the Jewish way to put on your shoes?
After I destroyed the Bet HaMikdash
I boasted that Hashem could not defeat me
In reply, Hashem sent his tiniest creature to enter my brain
And in the end I died because of a flea!
Who am I?
Reason: What’s the reason for holding up our fingers to a flame during Havdalah?
Riddle: First put on your right shoe, then your left. If you have laces, a “righty” should first tie his left laces, and then tie the right, while according to some, a “lefty” should tie his right shoe first. This is because in tying we give priority to the side on which we wear tefillin. In the case of Velcro straps or a buckle, everyone should close the right before the left.
Rhyme: Titus, the Roman general who destroyed the Second Temple.
Reason: We curl our right hand fingers (covering our thumb) and hold it up between our faces and the flame to remind us of the very first fire ever produced. Throughout the first Shabbat, Adam Harishon enjoyed a special light that shone continuously. But with Shabbat’s end, darkness descended. Adam never experienced darkness before, and he was terrified, fearing that Hashem was punishing him for his sin. Hashem gave him two stones and showed him how to create fire by striking them together. When Adam received this gift of fire, he praised Hashem saying: “Baruch… bore me’ore ha’esh – Blessed is Hashem, Who creates fire with its various colors.” We say this beracha with a flame on every Mossa’ei Shabbat, because it was then that fire was created.