We are very excited to welcome our new President, Dr. Gayle Krost! Gayle has served as Vice President on the PROPEL Board from its inception and is a leader who has done so much for our community. Gayle role models the organization‘s mission of encouraging women to pursue higher education that leads to fantastic careers and dual household incomes.

Jacqueline Harary and Haim Dabah (Co-Presidents Emeritus) note, “As we enter our sixth year serving and leading PROPEL, we know that change in leadership is critical for every organization in order to grow and to stay relevant. Each leadership team brings its own skills and enthusiasm to the entity. That said, we are both committed to staying with PROPEL to support Gayle in every way we can.”

Rosh Hashanah represents the beginning of a New Year, and with our new President, we hope that the PROPEL mission of inspiring women to enter the workforce continues to improve the lives of our community families.

If you are interested in a career, please reach out to PROPEL and we can help you take the steps to fulfill your professional goals and dreams..

PROPEL 646-494-0822 | info@thepropelnetwork.org | Instagram @PropelNetwork