Andrew Hersh

Hebrew Valedictorian

Andrew Hersh is a passionate student leader who will be attending Princeton University. As yearbook editor-in-chief, Andrew helped coordinate student involvement to create a book containing memories to last a lifetime. As Israel Activism commissioner, Andrew led multiple lobbying missions to Washington, D.C. and increased the students’ political engagement with their Congressional representatives. He is excited for new opportunities that await him.

Andrew said, “We can each achieve inner growth and discover greatness within us all through the wisdom and guidance of the Torah. Just as it only takes one candle to light up a dark room, it only takes one person to make a difference. We must become the architects of our future, and continue to persevere even through the toughest challenges.”

Rosh HaYeshivah, Head of School, Rabbi Raymond Harari said, “Andrew Hersh is an outstanding student. Accepted to Princeton University, academics are just part of Andrew’s story. He is a true ben Torah, with unassuming modesty and a willingness to help others.  He heads the Israel Activism commission and expanded its advocacy programs. Editor-in-chief of the yearbook and participant in many activities, Andrew is a valued student leader.”

Raizy Cohen

English Valedictorian

Raizy Cohen plans to spend the 2014-2015 school year studying in Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem. When she returns from Israel, Raizy intends on matriculating in the Polytechnic Institute of New York University where she will pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. Immediately following college, Raizy intends to make aliyah.

Raizy said, “It’s my honor to serve as this year’s valedictorian of the Yeshivah of Flatbush. While I’ve benefited academically, what is most important is that I made lifelong friends and got involved with programs such as Yachad and Witness Theater, which I believe have helped me improve on a personal level.”

“Raizy Cohen is a brilliant student, intensely interested in learning,” said Rosh HaYeshivah, Head of School, Rabbi Raymond Harari. “She energizes the academic atmosphere in the classroom, yet is always ready to help her peers understand the material being taught. Passionate about her commitments, Raizy is a school leader with significant contributions to activities, from yearbook editor-in-chief to working with Holocaust survivors in Witness Theater to academic teams, hesed programs and Israel Activism. Raizy makes her mark in whatever she does.”.

Isaac Dayan

Hebrew Salutatorian

Isaac Dayan will be continuing his Jewish education at Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel and will then attend the University of Pennsylvania. When not involved with academics or activities, Isaac practices martial arts and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Isaac stated, “I have always wanted to be a leader. As a student in Flatbush, my Jewish identity flourished. Celebratory programs for every holiday on the Hebrew calendar and the Heritage trip to Poland, for example, gave me a sense of responsibility as a Jew. I now aspire to use my talents to provide leadership in the Jewish world.”

Rosh HaYeshivah, Head of School, Rabbi Raymond Harari said,“Isaac Dayan is intellectually curious, talented and creative. He is an exceptional role model, embodying all the values of the Yeshivah of Flatbush. President of the Senior Council of the graduating class, Isaac is a respected and well liked student leader. He also is a dedicated hospital volunteer and developed an innovative therapy using martial arts.”

Rachel Linfield

English Salutatorian

Rachel served as secretary of the Student Government and co-captain of Girls’ Varsity basketball.  As a result of her experiences working with elderly patients, Rachel hopes to be a practicing geriatrician.  After studying next year in Israel, Rachel will be attending Princeton.

Rachel said, “Our Flatbush education emphasizes tzelem Elokim: every human is created in the Divine Image and deserves respect. I want to empower older patients to have a driving voice in their care.  Medical information on a chart is not enough to enhance independence and quality of life.”

Rosh HaYeshivah, Head of School, Rabbi Raymond Harari said,“Rachel came to the Yeshivah as a junior, but it seems as if she has been here since birth. She established herself as a role model for leadership potential, emotional maturity and intellectual capacity. Her many academic strengths, warm and caring personality, impeccable integrity and genuine modesty have endeared her to faculty and students alike.”

Maor Yeshiva

David Dadoun


“The past four years in Ma’or Yeshiva has been truly amazing,” said valedictorian David Dadoun. “I feel completely prepared to enter the real world and take on all of life’s challenges. The faculty has worked diligently to give every senior the appropriate tools, education and guidance to succeed. I am honored to be the valedictorian of Ma’or Yeshiva High School’s class of 2014. My future plans consist of studying in Israel and then most likely attending Rutgers State University.”

Roni Rosenberg, G.S. Assistant Principal said, “David Dadoun is a very dedicated student. He always goes that ‘extra mile’ and I know he will succeed in all of his future endeavors. Mabrouk to David and the entire Dadoun family.”

David Rothstein


David Rothstein said, “It is a huge honor for me to receive the award of salutatorian from Ma’or Yeshiva High School for Boys. Thanks to the amazing faculty, who have helped me grow to become a better individual and student. Next year I will be studying in Israel and am looking forward to experiencing all that will be offered to me.”

“David Rothstein is a very responsible and intelligent young man,” said Roni Rosenberg, G.S. Assistant Principal. “I know that he will do his very best in the future. Mabrook to David and the entire Rothstein family.”

Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore
Shoshana Ouzer


Shoshana is a motivated and considerate student who will apply herself to every job until it’s complete. She’s personable and fun to be with, and a faithful friend to all. Her organizational abilities and creativity made her the perfect GO vice president. With maturity and deep sensitivity, she always takes into account the feelings of others. Generous with her actions yet scrupulously careful with her words, Shoshana is always prepared to lend a helping hand to a friend in her time of need.

Hillel Yeshiva High School

Dorothy Newman


Dorothy Newman’s intellectual energy has enhanced all her classes during her time at Hillel. As a student with a passion for writing, Dorothy has contributed many insightful pieces to the Hillel Muse, the Hillel Herald, and Ma Nishma. Dorothy has excelled in her coursework, and in eleventh grade won the AP Scholars Award. Further, Dorothy has given outstanding performances in her starring roles in the school plays throughout her four years. Her onstage talents and sharp wit have also served her well in her role as an attorney for Mock Trial for the past three years, her role as captain of the College Bowl team for the past three years, and her role as a member of both Model UN and the debate team. Dorothy has not only lent her magnificent voice to the high school girls’ Cantata, but has also led the Cantata choir for the past four years. Above all, Dorothy exemplifies her commitment to hesed through her many volunteer efforts: tutoring with Sephardic Bikur Holim, head coordinator of the Chai Lifeline/SBH Toy Drive, and a member of Team SBH for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Dorothy’s warmth and enthusiasm will be missed by students and teachers alike, and we all wish her success in her next chapter at the University of Pennsylvania.

“My four years at Hillel Yeshiva have been four years of incredible opportunity, outstanding education, and warm support,” Dorothy said. “With dedicated teachers guiding me, along with the inviting student body, I feel that my time at Hillel has truly helped me grow both educationally and religiously, and has greatly prepared me for the road ahead. I will always be grateful to the community leaders who work endlessly to better the already thriving institution, and I look forward to the day when I could give back to the school some of what it has given me.”

Camille Greenberg


Camille Greenberg brings focus and excitement to both her academic and athletic endeavors at Hillel. In addition to being an excellent student, Camille has shined for the past four years as captain of the girls’ basketball team and as a member of the girls’ softball team. Camille has been a member of the National Honor Society, and received the prestigious Keter Shem Tov Award. She has contributed in so many ways to Hillel life: as a member of the Science League, as the head of the girls’ Cantata choir, and as the treasurer of the Student Council. Camille’s dedication to hesed is evidenced through her years of working as a volunteer with the Hand in Hand organization that helps children with special needs. She also has been an active volunteer with Sephardic Bikur Holim for the last four years, visiting older adults and delivering hallot to the senior community.

Camille’s kindness and exuberance have filled the halls of Hillel and will be missed by all. We know she will bring her same love of Torah to her upcoming year of study in Israel, and onward to Stern College for Women.

“The institution of Hillel Yeshiva has not only guided me thoughout the years, but has contributed to the development of the young woman I have become,” Camille said. “The building itself is flowing with this warm and inviting vibe, which helps to make each and every student feel at home, and the people inside make each day greater than the last. All the teachers at Hillel Yeshiva excel at their job, and that is not simply because they are fluent in their subject matter. Rather, it is because each teacher has a way of going above and beyond his or her requirements. I developed such strong relationships with so many of my teachers and I think that is a very important factor that can facilitate the learning of a student. I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of the Hillel community, and hope to be able to implement all that I have learned throughout the rest of my life.”

Rabbi Howard Bald, Head of School, expressed this about these two wonderful girls:

“My first thought when I think of Dorothy Newman and Camille Greenberg is how much I am going to miss having them as role models in our school and as wonderful talmidot in my classes. I have had the pleasure of teaching them the past two years in my Torah sh’Be’al Peh and Humash shiurim, and I can understand why our faculty holds them both in such high regard. May they continue to bring our community and their families much nahat.”

Yeshivat Magen Abraham

Eddie Shamie

Presidential Award

Eddie is extremely well mannered and refined, and his ambition to succeed is evident by his high academic standards, which earned him the well-deserved honor of Magen Abraham’s Presidential Award. His wittiness and clear understanding has gained him much respect among his peers.

Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan said about Eddie, “His ability to stand up against all odds while focusing on his learning is a badge of honor that he constantly wears.”
Eddie said, “The yirat Shamayim and values instilled in me by Yeshivat Magen Abraham and further supported by my rabbis, along with our night learning program, has had a tremendous impact on me for my future success.”

The school wishes Eddie much success in his learning experience in Eretz Yisrael which he is eagerly anticipating.

Shlomo Lahab

Presidential Award

Shlomo is a sincere and self-motivated student, who doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection. His commitment to high standards and his thirst for learning make him a deserving recipient of the Presidential Award.

Shlomo’s Rebbi, Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan, said, “Shlomo’s unwavering pursuit of truth and his leadership qualities for standing up for what he believes in, will be his recipe for success throughout life.”

The school wishes Shlomo great success in his learning experience which awaits him in Eretz Yisrael. May it be the will of Hashem that he will continue to reach his aspirations and be a source of nahat to his family and community.

Yeshivat Darche Eres (YDE)

Raphael Cohen


Ralph Cohen is a gifted young man in both Judaic and secular subjects. He has a sterling character, and a humble, modest and unassuming demeanor. Behind Ralph’s warm and genuine smile lies a brilliant and curious mind that studies the highest tractates of Talmud, as well as complicated theories in AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Ralph is deeply connected to his community and likes to help others with great enthusiasm and in a meaningful way. He is always available to assist anyone who needs help. At graduation, Ralph expressed his gratitude to the Rosh HaYeshiva, rabbis and teachers of YDE High School for the guidance they have given him toward the realization of his academic and personal goals. Ralph has been accepted to Columbia University where he plans to study engineering, after learning in Yeshivat Kol Torah in Israel.

Isaac Hidary


Ikey Hidary can be described as a “Renaissance Man,” an individual who is good at a great many things.  Ikey is warm and welcoming, intelligent and curious.  He excels in both Judaic and secular subjects, and is always sharing new ideas with his fellow students. His dedication to community is evident in his participation in the Lamed Program, where he has supervised tutors who help weaker kids succeed, both at YDE and in the community. He was a member of the varsity hockey team, the debate team and the mathematics team, and was Senior VP of SGO. He took Advanced Placement (AP) classes in Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, U.S. Government, and U.S. History. At graduation, Ikey spoke about being a trailblazer, taking chances in life and following your dreams.  With YDE High School behind him, Ikey has the tools to reach for the stars.

This past summer, Ikey worked in the banking sector as an analyst at Bank Hapoalim in New York, where he researched money market accounts in national and international locations, analyzing their stability. He created a formula for expeditious review that was later adopted for future use.This experience has prepared him well to begin his studies in Business at Baruch College, where he has been awarded a full academic scholarship. Next year, Ikey will study at Yeshivat Kol Torah in Israel.

Ike said, “I am very proud to be a part of the first graduation class of YDE… an institution that has seen miraculous growth and success in just three years!”Steven Greenstein


Mention to anyone that Steven Greenstein will be running a basketball tournament next summer, and you will find people lining up in February to sign up. That is the power that Steven wields, in a good way!

YDE’s Salutatorian, Steven Greenstein, combines high academic achievement in all Judaic and secular subjects with outstanding community service. He has run the basketball tournament each summer since he was 12 on behalf of Chai Lifeline, raising money to support this important organization. Steven represents the best of YDE High School: high academics and deep care for his fellow human beings. Steven served as school president in 10th grade and was on the debate team.He maintained an above 96 total average and took AP Biology, AP English, AP US Government and AP US History. The school is confident that Steven will reach great heights as he pursues Business Studies at Baruch College.

Steven said, “YDE was the best and most productive years of my life. They have given me an education that puts me in position to excel at anything I wish to do in the future.”

Stephen Wahba


From the time he was little, Stephen Wahba wanted to join his eminent uncles in their noble profession of medicine. As an extremely hard worker with an above 96 average, there isno doubt that YDE High School Salutatorian, Stephen Wahba, will realize his dream. Stephen has achieved outstanding success in his Judaic and secular studies and in his community involvement. He has taken courses at NYU and has interned at Monmouth Medical Center. In his spare time, of which he has little, Stephen enjoys solving crossword puzzles, always trying to best his speed. Although he excels in athletics, he never tried out for the basketball team, so that he could concentrate on his studies. Stephen’s achievements earned him a Brooklyn College Presidential scholarship and a Hofstra University Presidential scholarship. This coming year, Stephen will study at Yeshivat Lev Aharon in Israel, and will then attend Yeshiva University, where he will pursue pre-medical studies.

Shaare Torah Boys High School

David Safdie

Hebrew Valedictorian

Over the last four years, David Safdie has distinguished himself both in the classroom and on the ball field through his exceptionally refined middot and very strong yirat Shamayim. He has been a mainstay these past four years in Shaare’s evening learning program, completing many tractates of Talmud. This year, he finished two tractates:  Mesechet Sotah, which he studied as part of the night program, and Mesechet Taanit as part of the school’s senior second seder program. David plans on continuing his study of Torah next year at Yeshivat Mikdash Melech.  David excelled in his studies, maintaining an above 95 average in all of his limudei kodesh classes, but more importantly, he excelled by being everyone’s friend.

Eddie Gadee

English Valedictorian

Eddie graduates as the top GPA and SAT scorer in the grade (over 1300). What makes Eddie unique is his diligence and the hard work he invested to reach his level of academic excellence, and in the way he was always striving to achieve more. Eddie challenged himself to take college level AP courses throughout 11th and 12th grade, and this year was enrolled as a part-time student in Touro College. On the day of his graduation, he took a final exam at Touro in Principles of Biology (and received an A- for the course).  Next year Eddie will be attending Long Island University’s acclaimed Pharmacy program on a scholarship.

Albert Khodari

Hebrew Salutatorian

Albert has an incredible thirst for knowledge of the words of the Torah and our holy sages. His inspiration for Torah comes from the close relationship he has developed these past four years with his rabbis and with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Hillel Haber. His passion for learning is infectious and he has inspired everyone around him with his zest for learning. Albert plans on learning next year at Yeshiva Mikdash Melech.  His sincerity and sterling middot earned him the respect and affection of all his classmates.

Eliyahu Manzour

English Salutatorian

Eliyahu Manzour has always performed near the top of the class in all subjects, in both his Judaic and general studies. In his secular subjects he has always worked to challenge himself in all areas, taking advanced placement courses whenever possible and working at reaching his goals on the SAT. Eliyahu’s diligence is evident by the amount of time he invested in each of his classes, making him a model student. His teachers love him because of his wonderful middot exhibited both in and out of the classroom. Eliyahu plans on attending Touro College and will begin classes there this summer.