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So why should you want to advertise in COMMUNITY Magazine?

Certified 33-46% more copies than other Jewish monthlies (ask to see our circulation statement)

The only magazine that reaches the entire community.

Your ad will get noticed and never be buried under hundreds of pages.

A cover-to-cover must-read that is read by the whole family and saved.

World-class ad design included at no extra cost.

For the 80,000 plus members of the well heeled, highly educated and family oriented Sephardic Jewish population, COMMUNITY Magazine has been the premier publication for five years. From humor to how-to, our goal to enlighten, inspire and entertain is carried out every month through timely articles and stirring insights written by professional correspondents and the most prominent community leaders and rabbis. The intelligent and stimulating content has been critically acclaimed and together with our striking design in vivid color on slick, premium full gloss paper, COMMUNITY is both thought provoking and a pleasure to peruse – a cover to cover must-read for every family.

Though it may appear that there are other publications which cater to this demographic, there is only one that reaches the entire community. COMMUNITY Magazine has the absolute largest verified circulation and deepest coverage with over 33-46 percent more than any other publication that serves the Sephardic community. Reaching Brooklyn, Manhattan, Deal, Lakewood, Long Island, Miami, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul, Mexico City, and over 200 other cities throughout the world, COMMUNITY has the largest subscriber base of any Sephardic magazine. By popular demand, COMMUNITY is now also widely distributed in the Ashkenazic communities of Flatbush and Boro Park.

On top of that, our mailed subscriber base is about twice the size of any other magazine in this market, so you can be sure that COMMUNITY actually reaches its target. But perhaps more importantly, because COMMUNITY is limited to about 100 pages each issue, your message will never get lost in a sea of hundreds of other ads. Bottom line, with COMMUNITY Magazine you’ll get the most for your money.

Plus, as a non-profit publication that is run by the Torah Center of Congregation Bnai Yosef (on the corner of Avenue P and Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn), our advertisers are not only recognized for supporting the community, they are also highly regarded for meeting the high standards of integrity that has become synonymous with COMMUNITY. As a result, ads in COMMUNITY Magazine are viewed by many as a personal referral from someone they trust.

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