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Holiness 24/7

Where was Gd at the time of Matan Torah, when He gave the Torah to our ancestors? Of course, all know that He was on...

The Case – Moving Out of State?

Deborah is an experienced general studies teacher working in a local New York school. She and her husband planned to move out of state...

The Case – A Short Delivery

Simon was planning a trip to Israel and Robert asked him to take four thousand dollars to his sister who resided in Jerusalem. Robert...
Eliezer & Frieda Elbaz on their baby boy
Moshe & Carolene Sivan on their baby boy
Albert & Sara Wahba on their baby boy
David & Jenny Zeevi on their baby boy
Danny & Vicki Moses on their baby boy
Ikey & Aura Kassin on their baby boy
Mr. Ben & Mrs. Safdiah on their baby boy
Steven & Claudette Greenstein on their baby boy
David & Ruthie Gindi on their baby boy
Solly & Allegria Antebi on their baby boy

After starting a great new job, Richard’s ninety-minute commute to work wore him down...

A wealthy man decided to go on a safari in Africa and took his...

Rupert, Dale, and Bubba, three middle-aged friends who never really made much of themselves,...

CARE Hosts Hanukah Toy Giveaway

The incredible organization C.A.R.E. (Community. Advocacy. Resources. Encouragement.) hosted a tremendous Hanukah toy giveaway for over 400 families with special needs children. The event...

YOF Mourns the Loss of Principal Emeritus Rabbi David Eliach, zt”l

Rabbi David Eliach, longtime educator of Jewish children in Israel and New York, passed away on Thursday evening, 25 Tishrei/September 30. He was 99...

An Evening for Sephardic Chinuch

At summer’s close, adrenalin flows for educators and students alike. This bespeaks an opportunity for Torah Umesorah (TU) to offer growth and professional development....

MDY Dedicates Night of Learning in Memory of Elliot Torkieh, A”H

Last month, over 400 students, alumni, and parents of Magen David Yeshivah Elementary and High School assembled for the MDY Night of Learning and...

Kiddush Hashem in Congress!

The U.S. Congress is often a place of such strife, such acrimony and enmity, but for a small chunk of time last month, it...

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@HungryMom’s Food Diary – Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By Susan Zayat This is a fun way to change up the basic Asian type chicken lettuce wraps! Ground chicken Tomato sauce Brown sugar Vinegar ...


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