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Changing the World

Noach did not have an easy time – at all – during the months he spent inside the ark.    We know this because we have...

The Case – Big Deal

Bobby rented a four-bedroom summer home, with a pool, on the Jersey Shore, at a cost of $55,000. Four families resided at the summer...

The Case – But It’s Mine!

Raymond was struggling for years to make his steep monthly home mortgage payments, only to recently lose his business and fall drastically behind. The...
Joey & Berta Thkifati on their baby boy
Devorah Semah & Yehuda Schweky on their wedding
Jack & Marisa Malkokian on their baby boy
Nathan & Monica Nahem on their baby boy
Edward, Son of Victor & Mazal Chalouh, on his bar mitzvah
Aaron & Sarah Chaiklin on their baby girl
Michael & Sari Beyda on their baby boy Daniel
Michelle Cohen & Joseph Mugrabi on their wedding
Sofia Muhlmann & Morris Schweky on their engagement
Sarah Sutton & Sonny Chehebar on their wedding
Dina Schweky & Moshe Zafrani on their wedding

Richie: “Hey Tommy, what does your daddy do for a living?” Tommy: “My daddy's an...

A wealthy man decided to go on a safari in Africa and took his...

Solomon was complaining to his rabbi about how difficult a time he was having...

SCA Honors Rabbi Shimon Alouf

Last month, the Sephardic Community Alliance (SCA) held their annual campaign and dinner, graciously hosted by Paulette and Morris Bailey. They honored Hacham Shimon...

Coney Island Casino Bid Unpopular in the Community

Coney Island residents appear skeptical of a bid to build a glitzy casino and resort on the sandy amusement stretch in southern Brooklyn, according to a public...

New Flashing Lights Make Long Branch Intersection Safer

Last month, pedestrian safety at the Jersey Shore got a major boost from the Pallone administration of Long Branch. The intersection of Cedar and...

Magen David Yeshivah HS Shines in Washington, D.C.

Last month, Rabbi Avner Bitton arranged for a group of Magen David Yeshivah high school students to travel to Washington D.C. to visit the...

Met Council Distributes Nearly $10 Million in Food Before Pesach

In the weeks leading up to Pesach, Met Council, America’s largest Jewish charity dedicated to combatting poverty, distributed nearly $10 million in kosher for...

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Once Upon a Thyme – Turmeric Cauliflower Quiche with Toasted Garlic

Adina Yaakov    Lately, cauliflower has been used for pizza crusts and disguised as rice, but grinding it until it’s unrecognizable is unnecessary. The cruciferous vegetable...


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