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PROPEL has always been an essential organization helping women to find a career path. For many women this is their only source of income, while for others the need for a second household income is vital. Now more than ever, PROPEL’s mission continues to resonate with community members especially during the COVID-19 crisis, when many women are dropped from their jobs, families are losing income, and economic tensions at home escalate, while actively seeking new and relevant professional opportunities.

PROPEL CARES and understands that during these times of uncertainty life is not easy. PROPEL is on call to assist women in developing essential professional skills and to guide women into careers. Free of charge during these trying times, PROPEL will match you with a career coach that will help determine your strengths and passions to find a path that fits your lifestyle. After all, many of our clients are juggling the added responsibility of homeschooling and entertaining their children. PROPEL is cognizant that home demands have increased for everyone, but nevertheless, we have confidence in community women’s ability and applaud and support the continuance of balancing their family responsibilities with their professional lives.

PROPEL offers career guidance and financial support for programs that we enroll you in to help further women reach their professional goals. PROPEL has graduated successful web developers, user experience designers, paralegals, graphic designers, medical assistants, interior designers, web designers, nutrition and wellness consultants, yoga instructors, cosmetologists, bookkeepers, office administrators, just to name a few. (Please see sidebar for a description of two of these careers – web designer and junior accountant.)

PROPEL provides vocation advice to women of all ages, including women in high school, college, and graduate programs. As an important nonprofit organization in our community, PROPEL encourages the women of our community to tap into their potential by utilizing education to transform a passion into a profession. Consequently, many women have shared that the current pandemic has inspired them to consider a career in nursing or another healthcare profession. PROPEL salutes all healthcare workers in our community!

For all women in need of a career, or for all women who have existing businesses that need shifting, PROPEL understands that adjusting to the new normal is challenging but possible. With new changes come new opportunities. The team at PROPEL is here to help you determine your professional path. Take that step and call us today!

There are so many inspirational women to look up to as role models in our Community who earn an income, do what they love, and help raise their families. This summer, we will be featuring “30 under Thirty” women who inspire women to reach their full potential. These are women to watch!

With the financial crisis affecting small businesses, the PROPEL List supports and showcases all the great businesses the women in our community have to offer.  Women are encouraged to sign up in order to be included on the PROPEL List – a digital directory that will illustrate women’s businesses, professions, and careers. This user-friendly marketplace will allow women to grow their clientele and network free of charge. PROPEL also will promote small businesses on its Instagram @PropelNetwork free of charge.  The PROPEL List will make it easy for users to find and support community women.  A print version of the PROPEL List is coming soon!

Women who sell food or other products, provide services or have a profession should sign up to be added

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PROPEL launched a PROPEL List Live which features several community businesses each week, free of charge. Tune into IG Lives where PROPEL hosts amazing women – including Norma Cohen and Joyce Silverman – that are trailblazers and role models in our community. Their stories are inspiring and can help lead you into an exciting career path or help you pivot an existing business.




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