Solea Sleep Laser Snoring Treatment


Solea Sleep is an exciting new treatment option for people who snore. The procedure

provides rapid relief by tightening the soft palate (the soft tissue in the back of the roof of your mouth) and reducing the vibrations that cause snoring. No tissue is removed during the treatment, and unlike other laser treatments for snoring that require multiple trips to the dentist, the Solea Sleep procedure takes only five minutes to complete. Treating snoring has never been easier.

Collagen is the protein in the body that is the basic building block of many tissues. Laser

energy can be used to tighten tissue, and has been used for a number of years for medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery. When laser energy is directed on to the face, for example, wrinkles are smoothed out and facial muscles tighten. When this laser procedure is performed on the soft palate and throat, it causes the muscles to become firmer and less likely to collapse, which keeps the airway open and reduces tissue vibration.

While not a stand-alone treatment for sleep apnea, Solea Sleep can be used to help patients who already use CPAP or oral devices and still continue to snore. Patients who have been treated with Solea Sleep report little or no discomfort after the procedure, and they see a reduction in the volume and frequency of their snoring within days. According to Dr.  Anthony Bolamperti, DDS, a leading Solea Sleep provider, “I consider Solea Sleep to be a quantum leap forward, allowing me to accomplish in a single five-minute treatment what used to require three or four thirty-minute treatments. My patients are experiencing immediate snoring relief and better quality of sleep for both themselves and their spouses.”

If someone you know is still snoring despite taking the initial steps of CPAP or an oral device, this may be the breakthrough they have been waiting for.