Riddles – November 2020



David was going to a party. As he approached,
he could see through the window that it was completely packed with people. David went inside only to discover that there wasn’t a single person in there. How could this be?

Last Month’s Riddle:
Which One Does Not Belong?
Which is the odd word out in each of these sets of five words? Four of the words all have something in common that the fifth one doesn’t.
1. Elephant, Rabbit, Mouse, Turtle, Dog
2. Red, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Indigo
3. Six, Nine, Twelve, Twenty, Thirty
4. Gym, Myth, Rhythm, Cry, Oxygen


1. Turtle – the rest are mammals.
2. Orange – the rest are colors of the rainbow.

3. Nine – the rest are even numbers.
4. Oxygen – the rest do not have vowels


Junior Riddle: What Am I?


What has a thumb but no fingers and is not living?

Last month’s Junior Riddle: Coin Challenge

In the United States, there are four coins that people use on a regular basis: the penny (1 cent), the nickel (5 cents), the dime (ten cents) and the quarter (25 cents). Assuming you have as many of each of these coins as you need, what is the minimum number of coins you need to make up a total of 88 cents?

Solution: 7 coins: 3 quarters (75 cents), one dime (ten cents), and 3 pennies (3 cents).

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Solved by: Haim S., David Weiss, Ilanit Nakach, The Hara kids, Big Mike, and The Shmulster.