Living the New Normal


I really enjoyed last month’s cover story (Living the New Normal), as it suggested positive tips on how to deal with the current pandemic. Positivity is definitely needed during these trying times. I would like to bring up another related topic – the wearing of masks. Many people are under the impression that if one has antibodies to COVID-19 it is not necessary to wear a mask. However, this is not certain. The advent of Corona is relatively new, and we don’t know whether and how a person who previously had Corona will develop it again. There have been confirmed cases of people who have had it a second time. The fact that we have had Corona and that we have antibodies means nothing until we learn more.

When one person who thinks he has antibodies doesn’t wear a mask, he, along with everyone else like him, could cause stress, anxiety, and serious harm to others. They also can cause our yeshivot and synagogues to close. It is our obligation as Jews to make a kiddush Hashem by wearing mask.

Ilana O.


Your publication along with many others have had many articles urging people to wear masks to “save even one life.” Give me a break! About one hundred people die every day in car accidents in this country. If we lowered the speed limit from 65 to 50, we would save many, many lives. Everyone knows it. But we don’t, because it’s inconvenient, and it would have a negative effect on our economy on various levels.

When it comes to COVID-19 however, it is deemed immoral to consider convenience or the economy, and we have bent over backwards for months to “save even one life.” Why?? Because the liberals wanted Trump to lose at all costs – even if it meant destroying the economy and our country.

R. Arzi

Mashiah Revealed

I have enjoyed reading the series about the arrival of Mashiah (Mashiah Revealed), but to be honest, the last two chapters were extremely frightening to say the least. I pray for the arrival of the Mashiah every day – but I never imagined that the it would be so violent and deadly. I will continue to ask for the coming of Mashiah – but I’m holding on to what I was taught by my rabbi. I was taught that a negative prophecy does not have to happen, for as the Rambam says, “All the details about Gog Umagog we cannot know what will be, there are no absolutes, etc.”

Elliot K.

Healthy Eating

Last issue’s article about ways to get your kids to eat healthy without them realizing it was such a treat to read (Stealthy Tricks For Healthy Eating). After reading the article, I became so inspired and came up with a stealthy trick of my own. I started putting colorful fruit and cut-up vegetables in attractive bowls in my refrigerator. When my kids (and husband) wanted a quick snack, those healthy options were the easiest to grab. (I also hid less-healthy foods in the back, out of sight.) The results were striking! We all started munching on fruits and veggies much more. The ease of grabbing a handful of carrots or a bowl of blueberries meant those became our new snacks. Thanks!

Sharon L.


Thank You

To the Staff and Administration of Community Magazine,

I wish to express my thanks to all of you. I’m a Jewish inmate in Texas Prison, and the recipient of a subscription to Community Magazine. This is nothing short of a lifeline. Through the generosity and tzedakah of your organization, I feel, b’ezrat Hashem, connected and loved, by and to, a community.  Thank you for bringing me Torah insights, news, mabrouks, and a sense of belonging. May Hashem bless all of you.

Yoshi S.

Beaumont, Texas