Bet Yaakov of The Jersey Shore Welcomes New Families Who “Made the Move”


Many young families are moving from the city to suburbia, for a multitude of different reasons. Most would likely agree that the Jersey life is far simpler and more peaceful than life in noisy, bustling neighborhoods in Manhattan or Brooklyn. However, some are nevertheless hesitant to make the move to Jersey because of educational concerns, worried whether their children would receive the kind of quality education available back in the city. But there’s good news – our community is blessed with a beautiful girls school right in the heart of the Jersey Shore.

Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore (BYJS) is an established community preschool, elementary, and high school for girls. Since opening in 2009, the school has earned a widespread reputation for its uniquely warm atmosphere. The classes are kept small, each consisting of only 15-18 students. The devoted, professional teachers pay close attention to each and every student, imbuing them with a love of Torah, love of being a Jew, and outstanding middot (character traits), all while educating them at the highest academic standards.

“Like One Big Family”

“I had the privilege of teaching halachah in the Bet Yaakov high school for eight years,” says Rabbi Moshe Douek, Rabbi of Shaare Tefillah Bene Moshe (Eatontown Shul). “I currently have two daughters in the school, one in high school and one in elementary
school. My experiences as a teacher and a parent have only been extremely positive. My daughters love everything about the school. The teachers are so caring and make sure that everyone is fulfilling her potential.

“The girls are very friendly to each other and the school makes sure that everyone succeeds. The families of the school become like one big family.”

Rachel Mustacchi and her family made the move from Brooklyn to Deal about five years ago. At first, they wanted to move back, but once her girls started school, they instantly felt welcomed. This experience was one of the important factors that led them to decide to stay on the Jersey Shore.

“My kids were welcomed at BYJS from day one with open arms,” Rachel recalls. “They all made friends so quickly, which made the adjustment go much smoother.

“Now we enjoy all the aspects of Jersey living. The quality of life is much better. We get to enjoy the pool until October, and open it up in late spring. Overall, the children play outdoors more than they were ever able to in Brooklyn, and I enjoy living every day to its fullest, not having to worry about or deal with traffic or parking.”

Constantly Reaching Higher

The key to BYJS’ uniqueness and success is its phenomenal staff. Both Judaic Studies Principal Mrs. Leah Frankel, and General Studies Principal Mrs. Sara Sonnenschein bring their charges years of experience and first-rate professionalism. They regularly attend
conferences and continue to build upon their extensive knowledge in the field of education, always striving for higher standards of achievement. They exhibit unlimited devotion to each and every student, ensuring to address each girl’s individual needs to the very best of their ability.

Bet Yaakov is run under the inspirational leadership of Rabbi Shmuel Choueka. Rabbi
Choueka is known for being exceptionally warm, caring, and always available for his students even years after they graduate, ready to advise and help in any way that is needed. In his capacity as Rabbi of BYJS, he ensures that everything in the school is run in accordance with da’at Torah (the guidance of our leading rabbinic guides), and he regularly consults with our generation’s leading sages to ascertain that the school is following the proper Torah path.

Beyond the classroom learning, BYJS incorporates a wide variety of special programs to keep the students excited and to supplement their formal education. In the past month of December alone the students enjoyed a special Rosh Chodesh activity, a “read-a-thon” to encourage reading, a “Tehillim-a-thon” to energize the girls’ prayers, a career day to expose the students to a range of different possible professions which they might wish to pursue and a preschool Mommy and me Hanukah day. The school also hosted special events for the families that attend the school, and for the community at large. Last month, for the second year in a row, the preschool organized a Hanukah Extravaganza Day for the greater Deal community. Other events included a toy and clothing drive for A Home For Girls in Israel and a mother-daughter luncheon and activity day, where the high school girls launched the “Build the Bayit Campaign,” an initiative by the girls for the women in the community.

Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore is making the move to the suburbs an easier and more attractive choice for many community families. Parents need not be concerned that the move to the quiet and serenity of the Jersey Shore might compromise their children’s education. BYJS offers everything parents want for their daughters – and the peace of mind of knowing that their child is being cared for by a devoted team of professional educators in a warm Torah environment, where she is being placed on the road leading to a lifetime of achievement and success.