From the Files of the Mitzvah Man – A Small Item Can Mean the World


Pnina Souid

Sharon, a woman in her mid-40s reached out to the Mitzvah Man organization not knowing if they would be able to help her.

“I am a saleslady and am experiencing severe hearing loss. I cannot properly serve my customers because of my hearing issues. I am afraid of losing my job. The hearing loss is disrupting my life. However, I don’t want to take money from the organization. Perhaps you can find me used, refurbished hearing aids? I would be able to put some money towards that.”

The Mitzvah Man told Sharon that they usually don’t provide this item, but he would send out a text to his volunteers with her request. Refurbished hearing aids. One volunteer responded. “This must be a sign from Hashem!”

Hayim, the volunteer, explained that he has a business selling on the internet. He looks at various new items to sell but always tests them first. Recently Hayim tested hearing aids and was extremely impressed with their high quality. Hayim recently ordered the hearing aids to sell. He would be more than happy to fulfill Sharon’s request with a brand-new pair of hearing aids, free of charge.

Sharon was overjoyed when she heard the news. Now, she is able to hear well, and this has truly given her a new lease on life. While before she was merely surviving, now she feels she is thriving!

The Mitzvah Man posted this story on his personal webpage and soon after received a private message.

“My daughter Frieda is 16 years old. She is deaf in both ears. After a certain age our insurance does not cover the cost of the hearing aids she so desperately needs. She wants to live a normal life, have friends, date, marry, and have a family! Instead, she is living in a world of silence. Is there something that you can do for her?”

The Mitzvah Man reached out to Hayim who was only too happy to fulfill this additional request for a brand-new pair of hearing aids.

Mitzvah Man stated, “We often take our senses for granted. The sense of hearing, just like the sense of sight, helps us to be a part of the world around us, to be with family and friends and enjoy life cycle celebrations. Baruch Hashem, we were able to help this teenager who is so happy with a bright present and b’ezrat Hashem will have an even brighter future. Tizke l’missvot to the donor of the hearing aids. He has made a tremendous difference in other people’s lives.”

To us hearing aids may seem like such a small item. But to Sharon and Frieda, they means the world.