New Flashing Lights Make Long Branch Intersection Safer


Last month, pedestrian safety at the Jersey Shore got a major boost from the Pallone administration of Long Branch. The intersection of Cedar and Hoey Avenues, a four-lane roadway, has long been a trouble spot for pedestrians walking to or from the Sephardic Torah Center (Rabbi Diamond’s Kollel). Previous attempts to manage the problem with enhanced signage have proven insufficient. At the request of several community activists, Long Branch agreed to install a flashing yellow light system that will hopefully have a greater impact on drivers than signs alone.

The challenge faced by planners was whether to install a continuous-flashing or a pedestrian-activated system. Traffic experts opined that the direct activation option was the more effective choice, since a continuously flashing light would ultimately become just one more traffic device ignored by drivers.

Of course, pedestrian-activated flashing lights would present halachic problems on Shabbat and holidays when pedestrians are unable to push the button to activate the lights. The issue was brought to Rabbi Shmuel Choueka of Park Avenue Synagogue, who ruled that due to the dangers posed by this crossing, it would be permissible to hire a non-Jew to press the button on behalf of Jewish pedestrians. The Kollel has graciously agreed to arrange such a system during peak crossing hours on Shabbat and holidays throughout the summer season.

The Long Branch Jewish community is grateful to Mayor John Pallone, Police Captain Frank Rizzuto, City Administrator Charlie Shirley, and Public Safety Director William Broughton for their continued commitment to the safety and welfare of our community.


Summer Safety Tips

by Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner

To ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer, it is essential always to keep safety in mind when in and around the water.


Assemblyman Kean’s bipartisan water safety bill, A618, which we co-sponsor, will help reduce the risks when venturing into the ocean by teaching children water safety. But until its passage, extra precautions should always be taken when around the water. Swimming in lakes, oceans, and pools requires caution and preparation. Awareness of tides, flags, and designated swimming areas is essential. Bring a swim buddy and consider potential dangers like rip currents and temperature changes.


Also, be sure to wear a life jacket or other protective gear and avoid the consumption of alcohol.


Finally, remember to slather on sunscreen. When safety measures like these are observed correctly, it is inevitable that lasting memories will be produced for years to come and that no harm will come from a beautiful day spent on the shore.



MDY High School Celebrates a Night of Appreciation

Magen David Yeshivah High School students celebrated the end of their internship season with a Night of Appreciation with “The Game of Life.”

Senior students gathered in the high school after working at their internships, reconnecting with their friends and teachers, reading their reflections, and telling stories of their experiences.

Co-founder and Senior Case Manager of Chaim Medical, Mr. Nathan Hoffman, spoke about recognizing and using the opportunities that are presented to us for good. Rabbi Eli Mansour spoke about students maintaining their spiritual level after graduation, and senior Linda Buchris recalled what she learned from her internship with Judge Gina Abadi.

Etz Haim: Shining Light on the Parasha

Rabbi Amram Sananes and Jack Rahmey are proud to announce the release of their new book, Etz Haim: Shining Light on the Parasha.


This book of compiled essays on the weekly parasha includes meaningful and heartwarming stories, commentaries by esteemed talmidei hachamim, and concise, easy-to-read lessons that the whole family will appreciate. These divrei Torah will perfectly enhance every Shabbat table!


The book is available to purchase at Eichlers, Mekor Judaica, and Tehilat Yitzchak in Brooklyn.