Dear Jido – February 2024


Dear Jido,

A friend who vacations often discovered free wheelchair rides throughout the airport, making her first in line from ticket counters, security/TSA, to departure/arrival gates, to baggage claim, and first boarding with first access to onboard storage.  


Recently, her sister, who was running behind with the luggage, realized she, too, could get a wheelchair and that the attendant would also haul the luggage. All this if you just have “difficulty walking long distances,” which is nearly everybody given the size of expanded airports.

At first, I thought they were taking unfair advantage or being unethical, but the more I think about it, the less I care. Navigating the airport logistics with knowledgeable assistance sounds reassuring. I can claim “difficulty walking long distances” as well as anybody. Should I do It? 


A Weary Traveler[Text Wrapping Break] 


Dear Weary, 


As a former frequent flyer I know how daunting it can be to get through the red tape and delays of an airport – especially on the way home. 


Three Sayings come immediately to mind: 


  • Honesty is the Best Policy 
  • Starting from Square One 
  • Don’t Tempt Fate 


I think Saying Number One speaks for itself. It does mean fooling the attendants and taking unfair advantage. The last thing you would want is for someone who saw you bolt out of the car service, grab your luggage like a teenager, and then get into a wheelchair to tell the airlines people that you’re lying.  Because that would lead you to Saying Number Two. Airline personnel are much like government employees – they have blinders on and only do what they’re told.  If you’re not entitled to it, you would have to start again from the beginning of the line.  It doesn’t pay. 


Finally, Saying Number Three – in Hebrew we say – “Al tiftach piv laSatan.”  Or the more common way, “Don’t give yourself the chumseh.”  If you can walk, lug, play tennis, and swim, you should do what the rest of us do and arrive a little early. Enjoy your good health.[Text Wrapping Break] 


See you in Aruba!