Outpouring of Love and Help for Displaced Family


Pnina Souid 


Since October 7th, the Mitzvah Man Organization has  helped many Israeli families wo were displaced from their homes.  

Here is another letter of thanks to the organization that goes the extra mile.   

Dear Mitzvah Man and the Mitzvah Man Team, 

Apologies for the late letter. You helped me with a displaced family from Israel. Below is my humble thank you note. 

I want to tell you how amazing and overwhelmingly rejoiceful was the experience that I had dealing with you and your team. 

My name is Mrs. B. I live in Queens. I am an Ashkenazi Jew. I have been receiving the Community Magazine for years.  

I always read the Mitzvah Man Hesed Stories, which I find to be almost unbelievable. Until today. 

One morning in November, I received a call regarding a displaced family from Israel that had landed in Queens with four little girls and their parents, and the mother was pregnant.   

The request was for six beds, as someone had already found an empty apartment for the family. All we needed were six beds within 24 hours.  

I thought to myself, how in the world will I find six beds within the time frame or the money to pay for them? 

Then a thought came to me. This is an impossible feat. 24 hours? I am not a superhero. Ah!  Only the Mitzvah Man Organization in Brooklyn can figure this one out. I called the Mitzvah Man hotline. 

What happened next was no less than miraculous.  

The Mitzvah Man told me, “We really work with Brooklyn and New Jersey since that’s where our resources are, but let me send a few texts to see if somehow we can figure this one out.” 

Within the hour I started getting phone calls – “Hello, Mrs. B., I can donate one bed!” “Hello, Mrs. B., where can I send you money?” Twenty minutes later – “Hello, Mrs. B. I can pay for two beds.” Within the hour I received a call, “I am in the mattress business. Where do you need them delivered? At cost we will cover whatever you are missing.” 

I was trying to recover from the shock of the overwhelming generosity when I got the next phone call. 

“Hello Mrs. B.? Can I please send bedding and blankets and throws and bathroom rugs and some other household items? I want to be a participant in this hesed. Please give me the address. I can have a truck deliver everything before noon tomorrow.” 

Every caller expressed the same intention: Please allow me to be part of this. Like a badge of honor.  

All I could think was how proud I am of Hashem’s people. But then I got the call that was the “cherry on the top.” 

“Hello Mrs. B., this is Mrs. C. Are you telling me that this family is walking into an empty apartment with just beds and sheets? They will need more than that. Please tell me the ages of the girls, their sizes, and tell me their preferences and I’ll make sure that they are taken of.” 

This woman with a heart of gold and strength of a lioness got in her car and drove in heavy BQE traffic to deliver everything in person. The car was filled with 17 huge bags worth of kitchen items, bathroom items, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, as well as basic necessities such as shampoo, and soap. You name it – and it was in those bags.  

When I asked her on the phone whether she would prefer to have everything delivered she said, “Do you think that I will let this mitzvah be done by a driver? No way!!! I am jumping into the car with my sister now!” 

I always wonder how the Geulah Sheleima is going to come in the blink of an eye. 

All this tremendous hesed happened in the blink of an eye. I got to experience it with my own eyes. The Mitzvah Man and his team with the Help of Hashem showed by example how fast salvation for His people can happen. 

May the Ribono Shel Olam bless the Mitzvah Man Organization with berachot b’shefa. May Hashem answer all their tefillot as fast as they were able to answer the needs for this beautiful family. 

But most importantly, may we continue to make Hashem proud. 

How fortunate we are to be part of this amazing klal! 

Am Yisrael Hai! 

Mrs. B. 


PS: The mom gave birth to a healthy baby boy, after four girls, the following week.