Community Highlights – Tefillin Drive for Israeli Soldiers


Soldiers in Israel are fighting not only for their lives, but also for the lives of Israeli citizens and the hostages held in Gaza. Our soldiers enter the battlefield knowing that they are supported by Hashem and the prayers of the entire nation. Since many soldiers have decided to pray and to put on tefillin, there are not enough pairs for everyone. When a community member made a shiva call to Ramona Mizrahi for her brother Moshe Chai Ben Rachel, a”h, Ramona mentioned that her brother was buried in Israel with her soldier cousins in attendance. She went on to say that her cousins asked for Moshe’s tefillin because there was a shortage and that when soldiers come out of Gaza, there are lines of tens of soldiers waiting to say a beracha on the limited number of pairs.


Ramona was happy to donate them, saying, “What were they going to do with his tefillin anyway?” This story was the catalyst for a tefillin drive. Community member Linda Cohen, along with Ramona Mizrahi, launched this project leilui nishmat her brother to collect used tefillin along with donations to purchase new tefillin and send them to Israel for soldiers. They were able to connect with an organization, Love IDF, via another community member living in Israel, that specifically obtains, checks, and delivers tefillin to soldiers in both Gaza and up North. As of now,37 sets of tefillin have been given to our soldiers, our brothers. There is a lot we can do from here to help in Israel.


If you would like to participate or to donate, please call Linda Cohen at 917-519-614.



Uniting Voices: The Resounding Success of the Sixth Annual Deal Community Amen Party

In a packed house of over 400 women, the sixth annual Deal Community Amen Party took place, with the yearly theme of Amen B’Achdut – which resonated even more than ever before.  From the day the October 7th attacks took place, the Jewish world has come together in unity, in a way that has made us all take greater pride in being part of Am Yisrael. The Amen B’Achdut event was an expression of that feeling.

Victoria Sutton opened the event by introducing everyone to rescued hostages Louis and Fernando, who joined the event via Zoom. They both witnessed how our community prays for them and accepts kabbalot as a zechut for them and the remaining hostages.  Rabbi Edmond Nahum then gave his blessing for the rest of the hostages to be saved. Karen Smadja recited the beracha of hafrashat challah and spoke about her son Natan Chai, a”h, who at only eight years old constantly thought of Mashiach and always looked for ways to bring achdut and zechut to the world. Rabbi Joey Haber spoke about the month of Adar, the special meaning of its letters, and its connection to the power of Amen.

With all these inspirational words as a backdrop, the community women collectively recited and answered thousands of berachot with “Amen.”  What a powerful way to bring more zechut in our time of need!


NYPD Offers Fraud Prevention Tips

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is actively raising awareness about the risks associated with phone scams. These scams often involve fraudulent callers claiming to be from the Social Security Administration or local, state or federal law enforcement agencies. Here are the key points:

Scam Overview:

Victims are contacted and informed that their Social Security number has been linked to illegal activities, such as drug trafficking or money laundering.

To avoid arrest or to protect their assets, victims are coerced into sending money.

Common payment methods requested include prepaid gift cards, Bitcoin, and bank wire transfers.

Scammers may even impersonate police officers or law enforcement officials to intimidate victims.