Leading by Example


Rabbi Mansour’s column last month (The Ultimate “Flood” Insurance Policy) brought out such a beautiful message. I wish this article came out a couple of years ago. It wasn’t too long ago that I was guilty of neglecting my spouse and kids. My children were constantly nagging me about how often I was on my phone. It took a while for me to realize that I was addicted to my iPhone. When my four-year-old screamed at me and shouted, “Stop looking at your phone!” I decided that I needed to break this bad habit immediately.

As Rabbi Mansour suggested, investing time in your family is the best investment one can make. Spending time together, focusing on each other without distraction is the healthiest way to build or maintain a relationship, and share experiences. Disconnecting to reconnect is critical to our happiness and family strength. As parents, we need to set a good example for our children.

David S.

Presidential Election

I for one can’t wait until this election is over. This topic has become so consuming and destructive. It has become a common sight to witness family members and friends yelling and screaming at each other about which candidate they think is best.

In chapter two of Pirkei Avot it states, “Beware of rulers, for they befriend someone only for their own benefit; they act friendly when it benefits them, but do not stand by someone in his time of need.” We do the best we can. We listen to the political speeches and vote for
the candidate that we think will do the best job. However, we must always be prepared for betrayal. Better to spend your time studying Torah and doing mitzvot, rather than arguing with friends and relatives about which candidate to vote for.

Mike E.


It is discouraging, frightening, and almost hard to believe that the media and some politicians are implying that the Jews are to blame for the Coronavirus. Haven’t we come farther than that? Was it not five hundred years ago that we were blamed for the Bubonic Plague? Hasn’t this world evolved more than that? I find it incredibly upsetting that blame is being laid at our feet. With the rise of virulent anti-Semitism it is so easy to blame our people for everything and anything that goes wrong. It is so disheartening that after the Holocaust we still are so reviled. What have we ever done to deserve such intense hatred? It hurts my heart, and it makes me worry for my little grandson’s generation. What do they have to look forward to? Will it get worse? I fear that there will never be any resolution.

Aimee F.


The community has a very high reverence for the term “Magen David.” There are shuls and yeshivot that share that name. Yet, what is Magen David? It is King David’s shield. Yes, King David went into battle with Hashem’s blessing, but not without his shield – to teach us we cannot depend on miracles. Today, we don’t have a Magen David – we need a face mask. We cannot rely on miracles. If you want to live a long life – wear a face mask!

Charles P.

Between Carpools

As soon as I saw the No Mixer Oatmeal Cookie recipe ingredients in last month’s column, I said to myself, “That’s the one that I want to make – it looks absolutely delicious.” I plan on making it for my company in a couple of weeks. All should try this one. I am not a baker, and I find it easy to make. Enjoy!

Iris M.