A New Era?


I totally disagree with the message of last month’s cover story (A New Era?), which suggested that a Joe Biden presidency would not be good for Israel. While I do agree that
Trump was great for Netanyahu – I feel that Biden will be much better for Israel.

For Israelis and Americans, the incoming Biden administration will help preserve and strengthen the relationship. A United States leading the world by working in partnership, rather than dictating, and a renewed good faith effort to defuse regional tensions is overdue. Middle East stability, the national aspirations of Palestinians, and security for Israel were too important to be left in the hands of Trump, who prioritized partisan political interests at the expense of American global credibility, reputation, and national security.

David M.

Presidential Election

The true loser in this election was neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. It was the entire country and its citizens.

America has been something completely unique in the history of the world and I shudder to think of where the world would be today without America having existed. Unfortunately,
academic elitists who believe they are the only people in the world whose opinions should
count are teaching nonstop the ideas behind Socialism, identity politics, and so many other horrific ideas. Far too few people in this country have ever traveled outside America to see these ideas being implemented. As a result they have no clue as to the importance of free press/speech, travel without restrictions, tolerance of others’ viewpoints, and so much more that made America great.

Instead we are being beaten to death with lies about the police specifically attacking African Americans, the free market being evil, how speech must be censored, etc. Unfortunately, the children are easily manipulated into believing so many bad things are good. They have no clue as to what they are demanding or how it will end up destroying themselves and much of the world. Years from now they will complain about how bad everything has become and they will seek to blame others when they have only themselves to blame.

Ida H.

Coping with Grief

Last month’s article about dealing with grief during the pandemic (Coping with Grief) was exceptional. Grief is difficult and there’s not really anything that will heal it except time. I would like to recommend one helpful tip that has worked for me in the past – writing in a journal. Writing notes once every day or two can help you take stock of your emotions, feel more in control, and feel like you’re reflecting on how you’re going about your everyday life. You may feel that life has been passing you by since your loss and that you’ve barely had time to think. Writing in a journal can help you slow down and get in more touch with your emotions.

Meryl T.


R. Arzi’s letter last month, which bashed your publication for urging people to wear masks, helps explain why there are 300,000 dead Americans. Yes, people die in car crashes, but with seat belts, airbags, safety glass, crash zones, and many other safety devices those numbers are much lower.

If everyone wore masks for the COVID-19 incubation period transmission, like in New Zealand, the pandemic would be over with a reduced toll in blood and treasure.

No question, many businesses, schools, and local governments have been adversely affected by COVID. The federal government should help keep Americans heads above water till the vaccine gives us herd immunity.

Charles P.