Community Weddings


I really enjoyed last month’s cover story. My immediate reaction when I read the title on the cover – “Will Weddings Ever Be the Same?” was “I certainly hope not!” I am hoping that when things get back to “normal” the circuses that we called weddings will be a thing of the past. Who really needs all that fuss and waste? Sure, it would be better to have more than just a handful of people on each side – but it just shows us how much time and money people wasted for a five-hour party. The important thing is to get married and build a life together.

Victor B.


Last issue’s feature article about community weddings during the pandemic was priceless. I had the privilege of being involved in a few weddings this past summer just like it. Only immediate family in attendance and close friends watching from afar. The love your family and friends shower on the married couple is the gift they take forward with them for the rest of their lives. While all my children enjoyed “typical” weddings with 300 people or more, I do hope that what we are learning now will help us navigate toward smaller, less expensive, less stressful, and more meaningful weddings in the future.

Marilyn F.

Sanctity of the Synagogue

I would like to commend the people involved in The Sanctity of the Synagogue project. I can’t think of a more important topic to address. The examples listed in the article of proper etiquette while in the synagogue were right on point. A pet peeve of mine are cell phones in the synagogues – especially when used during prayers.

With the exception of Hatzalah volunteers, phones should be not heard or seen in shul. If you must use it – finish praying, put away your tallet and tefillin, go outside the building, and then take out your phone.

It amazes me that we lived centuries without cell phones, and now we’re at a point that people can’t go 45 minutes without checking texts and emails. Do people get up in the middle of the night to check messages? Turn the phone off! Whatever messages are there can wait.

This same message applies to levayas, weddings, and shiurim. We really need to get our priorities straight.

Josh K.

Ask Jido

One of my favorite columns in your magazine is “Ask Jido.” I especially liked the advice Jido gave to the man who got snubbed by his friends when his wife was sick with Covid. It was a super message on breaking down the repercussions of resentment, a major factor in destroying relationships. Jido offered very practical advice about how to overcome it and the importance of letting things go.

Like almost everyone else, I used to carry grudges, then the weight of carrying so many of them started to weaken me physically and spiritually. Now, I refuse to carry a grudge or permit anyone else to carry one about me.

Carolyn H.

Dinner Done

I’m so excited about your new recipe column – Dinner Done! My whole family enjoyed the Maple Salmon recipe so much that I went out and bought the book. I have not yet tried any of the recipes as of yet, but I am very impressed with what I have seen so far. The book caters to those who want more-or-less homemade, more-or-less healthy meals with relatively little hands-on time. Perfect for me!

Lynn B.