Last month’s publication was second to none. Every article – from the opening column to the very last column – was a pleasure to read. The cover story about how the Flatbush Community Fund has been assisting our family, friends, and neighbors was truly inspirational. The article about how the Abraham Accords has boosted the demand for kosher cuisine in UAE was very enlightening. It was interesting to read how Ross and Elli Kiel built their kosher food empire in UAE by offering Kosherati cuisine consisting of kugel and other delicacies. It makes me wonder what kind of twist can they put on mecshe to make it sell within her food company. And of course, I just loved Adina Yaakov’s Southwestern chicken salad recipe. Chicken is always a sure winner in my home. It’s the perfect diet food any way you cut it, slice it, or cook it. It’s delicious with vegetables, in soups, salads, or just plain.

Raquel Boujo

Sefirat Ha’omer FAQ

Last month’s article about the Sefirat Ha’omer (Sefirat Ha’omer FAQ) was extremely informative. I learned some halachot that I was totally unaware of. I would also like to point out that our Sages teach us the destruction of The Second Bet Hamikdash came about through baseless hatred, “sinat chinam.” Rabbi Akiva’s students died of a plague because they didn’t show proper respect for each other. What is needed to bring Mashiach is ahavat Yisrael, loving our fellow Jews, and realizing that all Jews have a neshama, Gdly soul, and we are all connected. Through ahavat chinam (real love for each other), we can hasten the arrival of the Mashiach. Amen!

Morris L.

Ten Lost Tribes

The Mashiah Revealed series is one of my favorite columns in your magazine. Last issue’s subject – “Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?” was simply fascinating. Not sure if you are aware – but there are people all over the world claiming they are descended from the ten lost tribes. They are studying Torah, learning Hebrew, keeping the Holidays, and observing Shabbat. These are people who were not raised as children to follow the Torah, but who have recently felt an overwhelming desire to do so. Some have faced ridicule from their friends and family but they persevere. Never in the history of man has there been a group of people like these who have grasped on to the Torah without affiliation to a synagogue or the guidance of a rabbi, much less even knowing a single person who is Jewish.

Raymond A.

Ahi Ezer Library

Last month in the Community Highlights section there was a brief write-up about the Ahi Ezer English Judaica Library. My family and I would like to publicly thank Ahi Ezer for serving our community so graciously for over the past 28 years.

There are no words to properly express our deep hakorat hatov for their service to the whole community and to each family, especially ours.

B”H, we are blessed with a big family and the library caters to all ages and preferences. Some children like the historical novels, some fiction, and all of them enjoy the comics… (the adults too!).

Each book is bound, and many are laminated and it’s a pleasure handling them. Please note that we come every ten days, as my kids devour the books, and the Ahi Ezer library keeps them entertained in a healthy and kosher way. We realize that the yearly membership surely is just a drop in the bucket, and thus we really appreciate all your effort and devotion to keep the library running smoothly and stocking it with the latest titles.

Mrs. Sari Grazi and Mrs. Nancy are priceless. Their devotion and patience are exemplary.

May Hakodosh Baruch Hu bless you with continued success.

Family Yehoshua and Malki Olshin