From the Files of the Mitzvah Man – Always with Total Compassion


Pnina Souid

People approach the Mitzvah Man organization every day looking for help. Recently, a Mitzvah Man volunteer, we’ll call Rabbanit C., was helping an elderly woman named Rina who was living in a shelter. Due to the horrible conditions at the shelter, Rabbanit C. and others concerned for Rina were working on finding her an apartment and providing the basics needed for her to move in.

Rabbanit C. said that they finally found a suitable place for Rina, but it was a bare apartment. All Rina was asking for was a second-hand bed to sleep in. Just having an apartment of her own with a place to lay her head would be a huge improvement over living at the shelter.

Mitzvah Man asked Rabbanit C., “Certainly Rina needs more than this. She has an entire apartment to furnish!”

Rabbanit C. replied, “Rina will be happy with the bed. She is a very humble woman and is embarrassed to ask for any help at all.”

“I will send out a text message to my volunteers and will let you know the results,” answered the Mitzvah Man.

The Mitzvah Man followed through right away, sending a text to all his volunteers explaining the situation and requesting a used bed.

Almost immediately responses from the Mitzvah Man volunteers started coming in. One volunteer replied that he is ordering Rina a new bed right now. The next volunteer said that he spoke with Rina personally, and confirmed that her apartment is completely empty. “I am ordering her a chair, table, and a desk to ship today, and I told her that if she needs anything else to please call me,” he told the Mitzvah Man. The third volunteer said that since Rina just came out of a shelter, she must need some food to start her off. He offered to donate $500 worth of food. A fourth volunteer very thoughtfully added his contribution, “I am sending new sheets, pillows, blankets, and other bedding to keep her comfortable.”

Soon afterwards another volunteer texted, “I own a lighting fixture store. I’m sending over all her lighting needs plus some furniture.”

Within 48 hours everything was delivered, including food to fill her refrigerator and freezer. Rina was thrilled. She did not have enough words to express her thanks for all of the amazing hesed she had received. It was hard for her to believe that she was living in a new place, which allowed her to live with dignity, and even with a plentiful amount of food. Rina felt like she was living in a palace!

Rina’s story is just one of many that typify the kindness and compassion, giving and caring that characterize the Mitzvah Man organization and the volunteers who give of themselves wholeheartedly.

If you would like to join their chain of hesed or if you know someone who is need of assistance, please call the Mitzvah Man organization at (866) 355-1825.

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