Dear Jido – March 2022


Dear Jido,
At the playground recently, my kids and I ran into a family we are friendly with. While normally
that would have been great for everyone, I knew that the child we were seeing had stayed home sick from school that day. What would be the best way to handle this to keep my kids healthy but also not insult these friends?


Covid Confused

Dear Confused,

I was going to send you an answer but then they changed some of the rules. So, I rewrote the
answer. But before I could send it in, they changed the rules again. When I prepared my third
revision, they told me that the rules were going to be changing with the new Governor, then the new Mayor, and then that the CDC and LDH’s were going to take over jurisdiction of what the
proper and necessary precautions are for each local area.

In addition, I understand that the Supreme Court has overruled OSHA’s vaccine mandate and more changes are likely to come.

Therefore, I think it is very acceptable to tell your friends, “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind, but we’re just being extra careful.”

Be well, stay healthy.