Riddles – June 2022


Riddle: Letter Sequence

Submitted by: Julie C.

Guess the next three letters in the series GTNTL.


Last Month’s Riddle: Egg-Zactly

If 5 peacocks lay 10 eggs in two days, how many peacocks will lay 100 eggs in 24 days?

Solution: None – peacocks do not lay eggs, only a peahen lays eggs!

Solved by: The Ades Family, Joshua Harari, Big Mike, and Sol Tawil.

Junior Riddle: Brain Teaser

Submitted by: Ralph S.

Who is bigger: Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or their baby?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Chess Masters

Two girls played and completed five games of chess. Each of them won the same number of games and there weren’t any draws. How did it happen?

Solution: The two girls weren’t playing against each other. They played against different competitors!


Solved by: Jennifer Gindi, Family Blum, Haim S., Bella Swed, Gail B., and The Shmulster.