Mayor Sam Cohen Welcomes the Community to Deal


Dear Friends,

I am excited to welcome everyone back to a fresh, beautiful, and exciting summer season in Deal.

Our borough team has been working year-round on always new and ongoing initiatives. As many of our residents are returning to the borough after months away from Deal, I would like to share with you some highlights and updates.

The beauty and grandeur of the Borough of Deal is a tradition from its earliest days. While the work was being done on Almyr Avenue last week, we were reminded of just that. Several cobblestone bricks were unearthed below the pavement with blue glazing and Tiffany and a date of 1907 embossed on the underside. We did a little research and found that there was in fact a Tiffany brick company around 1900 that produced these. You’ll remember that Ocean Avenue used to be all yellow brick and apparently some or all of Almyr Avenue included these blue bricks!

To that end, we continue our efforts to enhance and maintain the town’s appearance. We are in the process or have completed several major resurfacing projects which include Lawrence Ave., Deal Esplanade, the entire length of Almyr Ave., Pearl Ct., as well as Phillips Ave. and Parker Ave. (west of Norwood).

On another note, I want to urge both residents and visitors of Deal to enjoy the Borough safely. As always, we encourage bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to exercise extra caution during the busy summer months.

Furthermore, there continue to be too many reports of car thefts in the area. In turn, we urge all residents to be extra vigilant with their vehicles and homes. Virtually every car stolen has had the keys left inside. Should you have any concerns whatsoever, please visit us at: and fill out a “Report a Concern” form. If you require any immediate assistance, police, fire or first aid for an emergency, please dial 911. I along with

fellow Commissioners, Morris Ades and David Simhon, would like to extend our warmest wishes for a safe and enjoyable summer


Mayor Samuel Cohen