The New ArtScroll Sephardic All-Hebrew Siddur


Sephardic Heritage With Artscroll Quality: An Incredible Combination!

Walk into virtually any synagogue or bet midrash in the world and you’ll find ArtScroll’s all-Hebrew siddurim on the tables, on the shtenders, and lining the shelves. This siddur, in Nusach Sefard, has become the standard volume used by hundreds of thousands of people for their daily tefillah.

Now, ArtScroll is proud to present the Sephardic community with Siddur Tefillah LeDavid, an all-Hebrew ArtScroll Sephardic siddur with English instructions.

Created by a team of experts in Sephardic liturgy, this siddur incorporates the text, traditions, laws, and customs of various communities, so all can use it with confidence.

The new Artscroll Sephardic Siddur features crystal clear, easy-to-follow instructions in English. Relevant halachot conveniently appear next to the tefillot, with a comprehensive halachot section in the back of the siddur, along with a user-friendly chart delineating the laws of interruptions during prayer.

The Hebrew text in Siddur Tefillah LeDavid has been meticulously edited for accuracy, with typographical differentiation to help with proper pronunciation. Specially designed typography and graphics indicate when there are differences in text between various communities.

The siddur also features the Shem Hashem with kavanot, and taamim for Biblical selections.

There are many additional prayers, supplications and enhancements as well, and the siddur includes the complete Sefer Tehillim.

As can be expected in an ArtScroll product, this siddur is produced with high-quality paper and an extra-sturdy reinforced side-binding.

To purchase this new siddur, visit or your local Judaica store.

Monthly Update from Assemblywomen Kim Eulner and Marilyn Piperno

As the spotted lanternfly has reached every corner of New Jersey, we are working to combat the insect invasion before lasting damage permanently changes the Garden State.

The spotted lanternfly is not harmful to humans, but is devastating to plant life. These flies emit honeydew, which causes the growth of a black sooty moss that is deadly to whatever tree or plant the insects inhabit. As a result, the invasion of spotted lanternflies can cause severe economic damage to agricultural areas.

For over a year, the state has advised residents that the best thing they can do is to stomp the bugs should they see them, but that method has proven far from effective. We have decided to be more proactive, sponsoring a bill establishing a task force to finally find workable long-term strategies

The task force would consist of leaders from the Department of Environmental Protection, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Commissioner of Health, the State Forester, and experts from the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers. The task force members would be assigned a variety of jobs, such as testing, creating policy, planning, and outlining long-term solutions for other insect infestations

This bill is a great way to address the spotted lanternfly issue. Also, the bill is important because we serve as a travel hub for the east coast, so we have to be better prepared for future threats other invasive species will pose.

Connect with SBH Senior Division – Two photos attached.

The Lorraine and Louis a”h Shamie Senior Division is a one-stop shop for seniors and their caregivers. SBH offers comprehensive and holistic services for the entire family, allowing seniors to age gracefully in their homes among family and community.


For the past seven years, the SBH Senior Division has been at the forefront of caring for the legends of our community. Now, SBH has the opportunity to open its doors for our seniors 60+ with programming ALL day, EVERY day. Through robust activities, timely lectures, and space to socialize, their aim is to support, energize, and care for every senior in our community. Limited transportation is available upon request.

Programs include:

  • Mah Jong Instruction & Free Play with Paula Schwecky 
  • Knitting Club with Paula Schwecky 
  • BINGO and awesome prizes
  • Instructor Levi Claiborne!! Instructing Get Your Beat On! and Music & Meditation
  • Tech classes with Jane Choueka (Bring your devices and questions!!)

Daily Programming Schedule:

Monday through Friday from 10:30am – 3pm

Located at SBH 425 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY