From the Files of the Mitzvah Man – What are the chances?


One Thursday afternoon, not long ago, the Mitzvah Man received a call from an organization that helps battered women. 

The caller told the Mitzvah Man, “We have a single frum woman with two children who were just evicted from their home. All their belongings were locked up in the apartment. Our organization is putting the mom and her two kids into a shelter, but they have nothing. They need cots, clothing, pajamas, underwear, blankets, pillows, health and cosmetic products, and other miscellaneous items. Our organization cannot supply these. Might the Mitzvah Man Organization be able to help?” 

The Mitzvah Man answered, “I see the urgency. Let me try to figure out how we can help.” 

At 6:30pm the Mitzvah Man went to pray Minha at Park Avenue Synagogue in Long Branch.  His mind had been racing for over two hours, thinking about how he was possibly going to be able to help. As is his custom, he turned to Hashem, the ultimate Helper. The Mitzvah Man has seen time and again, in the most difficult situations, that salvation comes with tremendous Divine Providence. 

Just in time for Minha, a man named Raymond walked into the Park Avenue Synagogue.  He owns 15 discount stores that sell all the products that were needed.  

Right after prayers concluded, the Mitzvah Man approached Raymond. He began, “Raymond, we have a single mom with two kids going into a shelter. They need everything: cots, blankets, pillows, clothing, health, and cosmetic products, and more. Can you help?” 

Raymond replied, “Send me the full list needed. I’ll have EVERYTHING delivered to the shelter tomorrow.” 

The Mitzvah Man was incredulous. He stated, “What are the chances I’m going to run into Raymond or anyone that has all these goods? Who’s willing to donate them all? Who’s willing to send it the very next day? No charge?! 

“We should consider: what are the chances of Hashem providing all the good we have in our lives? What we have is only because HASHEM is shipping us goods, health, money, and many blessings all day long.” 

“Thank you, HASHEM!