SCA Honors Rabbi Shimon Alouf

Last month, the Sephardic Community Alliance (SCA) held their annual campaign and dinner, graciously hosted by Paulette and Morris Bailey. They honored Hacham Shimon Alouf for his dedication and commitment to our community and our values.


SCA President Michael Mishaan opened up the night by introducing the SCA and sharing his involvement and commitment since its inception.

Former president and current trustee Jeffrey J. Beyda then gave an eye-opening presentation, in which he laid out the issues facing our community and the SCA’s role in addressing them.

Joey Harari then gave a touching tribute describing the immense impact Rabbi Alouf has had on our community.

Founder and host Morris Bailey presented Rabbi Alouf with his award on behalf of the SCA and the entire community.

Rabbi Alouf ended off the night by addressing the crowd and expressing his gratitude for the SCA and his support of their mission.


Exciting New Book Release!

Ralph Mahana and ArtScroll Publications are proud to announce the launch of a new book, appropriately titled, Very Good.  The book has received rave reviews.

“Your observations are true and uplifting. We are all your students and we can learn from your example.” – Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

“Some people like books on emunah and bitachon – Ralph is a living example of these concepts.”  – Rabbi David Sutton

“The author has turned his challenge into opportunity. He and his book are a source of strength and hope for all that face the tests of life. The book is very impressive, to say the least. Kudos!”  – Rabbi Eli  Mansour

“Unbelievable! Words sent from the heart enter our hearts.” – Rabbi Shlomo Diamond

The book is now available to order on Amazon or from ArtScroll at

Prioritizing the Needs of the 11th Legislative District

By Assemblywomen Kim Eulner and Marilyn Piperno

As your 11th Legislative District representatives, we are committed to prioritizing the needs of our constituents. Unfortunately, that’s why we were forced to oppose this year’s state budget in several key areas.

First and foremost, our schools are in desperate need of more funding. Fully funded schools benefit our students and contribute to the development of our entire community. However, this budget fails to provide the necessary resources to support our schools adequately.

Additionally, property taxes continue to burden our constituents and make homeownership unaffordable for many. Unfortunately, this budget does not offer significant tax relief, leaving our citizens struggling to make ends meet.

Furthermore, millions of dollars have been taken from municipal property tax offset programs, adding more financial burden to our towns and hampering their ability to provide essential services.

On top of these concerns, the misuse of taxpayer money is a serious issue. The governor’s spending spree on unnecessary projects is 50 percent higher than during the previous administration. Secret projects, such as a municipal marina, a dominoes club, a jazz radio station, a French art museum, and cultural projects, lack transparency and leave taxpayers in the dark about how their money is being used

Our constituents deserve a budget that prioritizes their well-being and addresses the pressing needs of our communities. We will use our office to fight for increased education funding, effective property tax relief, and a more transparent and accountable budgeting process

Etz Haim: Shining Light on the Parasha

Rabbi Amram Sananes and Jack Rahmey’s new book, Etz Haim: Shining Light on the Parasha, is now available to purchase at Eichlers, Mekor Judaica, and Tehilat Yitzchak in Brooklyn.

This book of compiled essays on the weekly parasha includes meaningful and heartwarming stories, commentaries by esteemed talmidei hachamim, and concise, easy-to-read lessons that the whole family will appreciate. These divrei Torah will perfectly enhance every Shabbat table!