Unwanted Chairs Bring Joy to New Synagogue


Pnina Souid 


Opening a new shul requires a lot of work, and at least some basic necessities. Chairs are one of the basics. Recently a new shul was getting underway and one of the founders called the Mitzvah Man. He explained that the new shul-to-be did not have the funds to buy chairs. The shul could not open its doors unless they had chairs for the 200 congregants. The caller said that even used chairs would be just fine. 

The Mitzvah Man thought hard. He did not know of any chairs available or anyone who could supply them. Regretfully, he answered that it didn’t look like he would be able to help. 

Two Days Later 

A call came in from a man the Mitzvah Man did not know. 

“Is this the Mitzvah Man?” he asked. “I heard that you help people. Gd Bless you! We opened a new shul in Passaic, NJ, and ordered 250 nice chairs. However, the chairs delivered were not the right ones. The donor of the chairs is a wealthy man. He told us not to bother returning the chairs, but to donate them to a shul that could use them. He will order new chairs for our shul.” 

The Mitzvah Man was astonished. He knew just where to send those new chairs! He told the caller about the conversation he had just two days prior. He thanked the caller profusely and offered a prayer of thanks to Hashem, the real Provider. 

Once again, the Mitzvah Man saw the strong Hand of Hashem’s Providence at work. 

He immediately contacted the first caller. He said, “You won’t believe this, but I have 250 new shul chairs for you! They are not from me. They are truly a gift from Hashem! I had nothing to do with this!” 

Now it was the caller’s turn to offer Hashem a prayer of thanks for arranging for the new chairs for his shul. 

Hashem sends us presents daily; health, parnassa, food, and even brand-new shul chairs!