One Team One Dream Triumphs in Historic 2023 M&S World Series


Sam Sutton

In the annals of sports history, there are moments that stand out as truly legendary, and the 2023 M&S World Series was one such occasion. It was a series that etched its name in the record books, captivating fans worldwide with its thrilling twists and historic performances. The showdown between the number one-seeded “One Team One Dream,” led by the indomitable Steven J. Gindi, and the number two-seeded “Diamond Busters,” captained by the quiet yet determined Gabe Abadi, was a classic for the ages. 

Game One: A Slugfest to Remember

Game One of the series was a slugfest that set the tone for the drama that would unfold. The Diamond Busters roared out of the gate, building a commanding 10-2 lead. The driving force behind this early dominance was none other than Aharon “Hank” Dwek, one of the community’s most prolific sluggers. Hank etched his name into history when he took a pitch on the outer half of the plate and launched it over the right-center field wall for the first home run over the fence in World Series history.

However, the game was far from over. In the fifth inning, One Team One Dream mounted a ferocious comeback, pulling the score to within three runs at 10-7, which ultimately became the final score in game one. The resilience and determination displayed by both teams in this high-scoring affair left fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this epic series.

Game Two: The Perfect Performance

Game Two of the series would go down as one of the most extraordinary moments in community softball history. Down 0-1 in the series, with their backs against the wall, One Team One Dream turned to their 16-year-old starting pitcher, Yitzchak Sutton. What transpired on that fateful night was nothing short of magic – a perfect game that left spectators in awe.

Yitzchak Sutton, with the weight of the series on his young shoulders, displayed nerves of steel and an incredible pitching performance. The Diamond Busters, despite their best efforts, couldn’t muster a single baserunner against Sutton. The final score of 1-0 in favor of One Team One Dream reflected the sheer dominance of the young pitcher, while Edmund Beyda of the Diamond Busters matched him pitch for pitch, making it an unforgettable contest.

Game Three: The Decisive Showdown

Game Three, the decisive match in this historic series, lived up to its billing and then some. The tension in the air was palpable, and the fans were on the edge of their seats throughout. The game remained scoreless into the fourth inning, but the Diamond Busters finally broke through with a 2-0 lead thanks to a sacrifice fly by Teddy Ishak and an RBI from Nathan Kushner.

As the sixth inning approached, One Team One Dream found themselves down to their final six outs. It was then that they mounted another comeback, tying the game at 2-2 with a clutch 2-RBI base hit by Joe Sefaradi. The match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with each team having its share of opportunities, but both squads showcased slick defense to thwart any potential runs.

In a series that had already delivered unforgettable moments, it was only fitting that it would be decided in extra innings. The stage was set for a dramatic conclusion, and the players did not disappoint. In the bottom of the ninth inning, mid-season pickup Barry Finkel, who had initially joined as an injury replacement, stepped to the plate with two runners on base. With the World Series hanging in the balance, Finkel dramatically connected with the ball, sending a line drive to right field that sealed the championship for One Team One Dream in a walk-off victory.

Yitzchak Sutton and Joe Sefaradi were named Co-World Series MVP.   


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Caption: World Series MVPs Yitzchak Sutton and Joe Sefaradi holding the Championship Trophy. 


A Legendary World Series

The 2023 M&S World Series will be forever remembered as one of the greatest in the league’s 16-year history. It had it all – powerful hitting, flawless pitching, heart-stopping comebacks, and breathtaking defensive plays. The clash between the Diamond Busters and One Team One Dream was an unforgettable spectacle that showcased the very essence of softball: teamwork, determination, and the pursuit of greatness.

As we look back on this historic World Series, we are reminded of the power of sports to unite communities and inspire generations. It was a testament to the dedication and passion of the players who left it all on the field, the unwavering support of the fans who cheered them on, and the indomitable spirit of competition that defines the sport.

The league would like to thank its sponsor, Sarah’s Tent for making it all possible.  

For those who want to relive these memorable moments, the league’s YouTube channel ( offers a chance to immerse yourself in the drama and excitement of the 2023 M&S World Series.  


As we head into the offseason, one thing is certain: the legacy of this epic showdown will continue to inspire softball fans and players alike for years to come. It was a series where dreams were realized, legends were born, and the spirit of competition burned brighter than ever.