The Launching of The SBH Medical Network


Rebecca Cohen-Sakkal 


The SBH Florence & Isaac Chera, a”h, Medical Division has marked a milestone with the groundbreaking SBH Medical Network launch on December 12th. Over 200 healthcare professionals gathered at Club 100 to celebrate this innovative platform to enhance collaboration and communication within the healthcare community.  


The event began with the Hakarat Ha’Tov Award presented to several members of the SCA, whose work during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the creation of the SBH Medical Network. Jack D. Hidary then led the keynote address, delving into the profound implications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.  


SBH Medical Director Etan Walls introduced the Medical Network to the attendees. The attendees were given the opportunity to network, as well as the rising medical professionals, who were able to get career insight from the doctors. 


What Does the SBH Medical Network Do? 


Since its inception almost 50 years ago, SBH has always carried the values of giving back to our community. Its early roots trace back to hospital visits; SBH has grown exponentially into its current organization. As an organization that was “built on two things: taking care of the medical needs of the community and volunteers,” best said by Chief Advancement Officer Charles Anteby, SBH has never lost sight of that vision as it continues to hold to those values. 


As the community’s needs grew, so did SBH and its Medical Division. The SBH Medical team works diligently to embody the SBH values in many directions. Ami Sasson, SBH Medical Division committee member, said, “SBH Medical is a resource for everyone, ranging from a simple pediatrician visit to complex diagnoses…they truly are here to help and ‘hold our hands.’”  


The division’s broad range of services includes everything from medical referrals and screenings to educational and career initiatives for all ages within the community. During the summer of 2023, they hosted From Aspiring to Admitted for rising medical professionals. The division also co-hosted A Day of Women’s Health with DSN, attended by over 500 community women of all ages.  


While SBH’s attention to detail regarding the community’s health never wavered, a key piece was missing when it came to supporting and connecting our community’s healthcare providers. Following this need, the SBH Medical Network was born, through which they hope to embody those same values of giving back, only this time to those who are typically on the giving end: our healthcare providers.  


The idea was born during the pandemic when the SCA “spontaneously filled a void” for all community healthcare providers, described by Dr. Victor Grazi, Chair of the SBH Medical Division. The organization invested its efforts into organizing the community’s providers virtually over WhatsApp, allowing them to collaborate their efforts and minds into a “litany of resources” during such a difficult time. This crucial resource, a collaborative healthcare network, found its needs growing as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.  


Under the guidance of SBH Medical Network Chair Dr. Victor Grazi, a vision was born – one where community providers, including doctors, dentists, PAs, and nurses, have a place to turn for mentoring, career growth, development, and networking. By building an infrastructure such as this within the community, we are to give back to the providers who made it their life’s work to serve us. 


Aside from the impressive number of established professionals in the medical field already, SBH estimates that at least 200 community members are pursuing careers in healthcare. The SBH Medical Network will provide extensive networking opportunities and a program that will grow alongside our community’s young adults on their career journeys.  


With an extra focus on our young adults, SBH can adequately support our future healthcare professionals, said Jen Maleh-Mizrahi, medical student and member of the SBH Medical Network and Young Adult committee.  


With education as the cornerstone of the Network’s agenda, they hope to provide quarterly symposiums for community providers to gather to learn and share tips, tricks, and resources. Networking within the SBH Medical Network will additionally benefit healthcare professionals with long-lasting provider-provider relationships and young adult mentorship opportunities within the SBH Medical Network. With the establishment and growth of the Network, SBH Medical aims to empower community professionals to reach new heights, just as SBH did almost 50 years ago.  


To reach the SBH Medical Division, call or text 718-787-0077, or email 


SBH is proud to celebrate our Golden Anniversary! 50 years ago, in 1974, a small group of community members worked together to launch what eventually became the SBH we know today. Over the next twelve months, we’ll feature each of SBH’s 12 divisions in community publications, our @sbh_updates Instagram page, our email, and our magazine. Keep an eye out to learn more about the organization, and join us in celebrating this momentous moment in our history. 


Rebecca is SBH Medical’s events and social media coordinator, chair of the SBH Medical YA Committee, medical assistant, phlebotomist and a prospective PA student.