From the Files of the Mitzvah Man Hesed Stories – Meat For The Holidays


A community member who regularly orders from her butcher was perplexed. She had ordered three pounds of chopped meat to prepare meals for her family and guests for the holidays. When the courier arrived, he delivered THIRTY pounds of chopped meat!  

She immediately called the butcher to inform him of the mistake. He double checked her order and responded, “It says thirty pounds right on the order form. There was no mistake on our end.”  

In her wildest dreams, she could not cook up that much chopped meat, and certainly did not have freezer space for all of it. 

She sat down to think. She concluded: everything that happens to us is from Hashem. This must be a message from Hashem telling me to give away the meat to needy families. She decided to call the Mitzvah Man organization and ask if they knew of families that could use the extra meat. 

They said YES.  

The meat was picked up immediately and was distributed to families that were thrilled to have it. And our community member was thankful that the Mitzvah Man was able to partner with her in doing a mitzvah, and thankful to Hashem for sending the mitzvah her way. 

Hashem, in His infinite hesed gives us opportunities to emulate Him and to perform hesed for others daily!