Focus Education – An Innovative Solution to the College Problem


Victor Cohen 

These days, post-high school education is facing numerous challenges. Unfortunately, secular colleges may  promote things that run counter to our community’s values, not to mention the dramatic upsurge of anti-Semitism on college campuses. As well, time spent in college can take away from time spent on making a living. Even working at a part-time job can make for a tough juggling act. Focus Education, however, offers an innovative program that solves these issues. While Focus strives to ensure that its students get a quality, college-accredited education, it also allows students to hold down a job. This program was formed with our community in mind, and is built to serve our post-high school students’ needs, all in record time. 

The Aim of Focus 

Focus opened its doors in September 2023 in partnership with Touro University, which has over half a century of experience in the world of education. After three semesters, Focus has enjoyed great success both in terms of their thriving current students and the great interest among potential students. Due to this interest, enrollment for Fall 2024 has tripled. Focus plans to grow its course offerings and different tracks, as well as to expand its programming to accommodate women as well as men.  

The Focus mission is to “fill a growing need in our community for quality business and career education in a time-efficient manner and in an environment free of various distractions present in most universities today, which are not aligned with our community’s core beliefs and values.” Students can earn their associate degree within 12-18 months. Usually, an associate degree typically takes a typical college student two years to complete, and much longer if he or she is studying part-time while working. At Focus, most students work full-time, and they finish faster than typical college students, putting them in a prime position to lead thriving careers. 


Focus is located right in the heart of our Brooklyn community at 2002 Avenue J, and operates out of a state-of-the art learning facility. The location and the high- level facility play a large part in Focus’s success. The location gives its students much-needed convenience by simply being close to home and to what they need. Having just graduated college, I can attest to the need for close proximity to synagogues and kosher food. Focus has that built-in. 

The Education 

Focus provides courses in various relevant areas and industries. Courses are offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening to fit with students’ schedules. Currently, Focus covers more than ten different professions, and they plan on expanding their learning options. Focus offers programs in Marketing, Finance,, Accounting, Digital Multimedia, JAVA Programming, Cybersecurity and Network, Real Estate, Cybersecurity, Sonography, Para Legal, Education and Management. Here is what their website says about their management program: 

With a concentration in Management, you’ll learn the problem-solving skills that are necessary in a business environment… Your concentration courses, combined with the core requirements, will offer you a broad exposure to, and sound foundation in, general business principles and practices. 

Focus offers ultimate flexibility, accommodating students regardless of how much time they want to spend in school. While students can handle the typical four-year program, they also have options to simply take those courses that both interest them and will prepare them for the future. The prerequisites and general education courses that are compulsory at many colleges are not required at Focus. 

Tailor-Made for Our Community 

Focus is closed on all Jewish holidays, unlike secular colleges. The school also assists in securing internships and jobs both during and upon graduation, allowing those who do not have a job going in to leave with one. Also, students’ credits from post-high school yeshiva, including yeshivas in Israel, can be counted towards your degree.  

Focus offers a highly important program for our times. With secular colleges turning more hostile towards our way of life, Focus stands apart as a community-oriented way to get your degree. To learn more about this exciting new program, and to find out if is right for you, or for your son or daughter, please contact Focus Education to request more information: (718) 426-5040 / or