M&S Summer Softball League Gears Up for an Exciting 2024 Season


Sam J. Sutton 

As the days grow longer and the summer sun starts to warm the fields, anticipation is building for the 2024 M&S Summer Softball season. Now entering its 17th year, the league has become a staple in the community, offering fierce competition and camaraderie to players and fans alike.  

Seven teams will compete for the ultimate prize, the M&S Cup. Let’s delve into each team, their captains, and what fans can expect. 

The Final Battle 

Captained by league legend Teddy Ishak, The Final Battle is looking to claim the title with a combination of veteran leadership and youthful energy. Ishak, known for his strategic prowess and ability to rally his team, has a reputation for crafting lineups that thrive under pressure. With Ishak at the helm, fans can be sure this team will fight until the final out. 

The Predators 

Michael Sabon Salomon, a Hall of Fame player, returns to lead The Predators. Known for his tactical mind and relentless pursuit of excellence, Salomon is eager to guide his team back to glory. The Predators’ fierce competitiveness and tactical discipline make them a formidable opponent for any team. Sabon’s presence alone instills confidence and drive, and his team will be looking to him for leadership throughout the season. 

Sarah’s Kibbes 

After a tough World Series loss last year, Gabe Abadi returns as captain of Sarah’s Kibbes, determined to secure the championship this time around. Abadi, a skilled strategist, has a knack for assembling cohesive units capable of delivering under pressure. With last season’s heartbreak still fresh, Sarah’s Kibbes is poised to channel their hunger for victory into a focused and resilient campaign. 


Multi-time champion and star shortstop Steven J. Gindi leads Resilience into the season with the aim of reclaiming the crown. Gindi’s championship pedigree and leadership make him one of the most respected captains in the league. Resilience is known for its mental toughness and adaptability, traits that often give them an edge in crucial moments. Fans are eager to see if they can live up to their name once more this season. 

Dawg Pound 

Uri Adler steps into the captain’s role for the first time with Dawg Pound. Despite being a rookie captain, Adler brings infectious enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the league. He is determined to make a strong impression this season. Dawg Pound will aim to combine raw energy with Adler’s strategic vision to make a memorable run. 


The Phenom, Edmund Beyda, is another first-time captain, of the IDF. His extraordinary presence on the mound and natural leadership have earned him the nickname “The Phenom,” and expectations are high for this team. Beyda’s ability to inspire his teammates and deliver clutch performances makes IDF a legitimate contender. 

Bleacher Creatures 

League veteran Sammy Esses returns to captain the Bleacher Creatures. Known for his strategic game planning and unwavering dedication, Esses has a reputation for rallying his troops and extracting the best out of his players. The Bleacher Creatures have a loyal fan base and are looking to make a deep playoff run this season under Esses’ guidance. 


The 2024 M&S Summer Softball season promises to be one for the ages. With a mix of returning legends and fresh faces, the league is set for thrilling matchups and unforgettable moments. Whether it’s the legendary leadership of Teddy Ishak and Michael Sabon Salomon, the determined resilience of Gabe Abadi, or the fresh excitement brought by Uri Adler, each team has a unique story to tell. 

Get ready to dust off your jerseys and grab your sunscreen as the teams prepare to battle for the ultimate prize. The competition is fierce, the stakes are high, and the memories waiting to be made are countless. 

Let’s play ball!