Boosting Curb Appeal: Affordable Home Upgrades That Pay Off


A home that looks and feels really nice and comfortable is something that everyone aspires to achieve.  Keeping a home well-maintained, though, can be quite difficult financially – especially when we want to make our home to always feel like new. 

Here are some easy home improvements and upgrades to keep your house looking nice and new without breaking the bank, especially if you plan to sell your house in the near future. 


Repaint Areas of Your Home 

One of the cheapest, easiest things you can do is to paint.  Painting the interior of your home helps eliminate dirt, marks, or stains from your walls, thereby giving a fresh feel and appearance.  To help improve the value of your home, repainting the exterior would also be a good idea. 


Replace Bath Hardware 

Giving your outdated bathrooms a makeover does not have to be costly. Simply replacing a shower faucet or changing the cabinet handles can do wonders for transforming your bathrooms to have a more elegant or modern look. 


Enhance the Indoor and Outdoor Lighting 

Swapping all the old light bulbs for LED lights will greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency and illumination.  Changing the actual fixtures can also be a relatively inexpensive replacement.   


Add Storage Areas 

Every home needs a place where we can keep and put away items, especially those that are seasonal such as holiday decorations.  Storage areas can be shelves, a closet under the stairs, or even seats beside a window. 


Revitalize Flooring 

Brand new flooring is one of the more expensive upgrades, especially if you’ve got a large area to cover.  That’s why we prepared a few less costly alternatives.  One idea – you may install a carpet on the floor or change the carpet, if there already is carpeting.  Another idea is considering the use of refinishing hardwood or reglazing tile, which could cost a fraction of the cost of a new installation.  Painting the floor a new color or pattern is also another useful tip. 


Update Cabinets 

New cabinets can be quite pricey, so if that’s not within your budget, you could tweak your existing cabinets instead of replacing them entirely.  You’d be surprised how something as simple as switching the cabinet hardware can modernize the whole kitchen.  If the cabinets need more of an overhaul, you may want to paint them in a new shade. 


Improve Landscaping 

Making simple improvements, such as installing landscape lighting, pressure washing the walkways, planting flowers, adding fresh mulch, and building a firepit can do wonders to boost your yard’s appearance.  In the spring, start planting flowers in prominent areas of your house to stand out from the street.  Pruning trees and shrubs is also the type of  maintenance that can turn a yard from wild to manicured and can up the value of your home.


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