KTRADE: The First Kosher Food Expo in Europe, May 2020


Frieda Schweky

On May 6th, 2020 an exciting food and events expo is coming to London. It’s called KTrade, and it is the first-ever European based food show to spotlight kosher products. The creator of the event recognized the  lack of kosher products in the European kosher supermarkets, and decided to take a bold step to address this lack. For example, if one goes into a kosher supermarket in London intending to buy a specific type of cheese, it is not unusual for him to discover that it is out of stock that week. This happens with countless ingredients daily that seem to randomly become scarce. Additionally, in Europe shops carry mainly traditional item. For some reason, Europeans are not experiencing the kosher food renaissance that we have become accustomed to in New York and elsewhere in the United States. New kosher products that are hitting the markets in the U.S.  are not getting to the vast European and Israeli markets. This is what drives this show forward, the incredible untapped potential of the European market.

Business Owners and Consumers Welcome

Thus far, approximately 250 companies will be exhibiting in this European based kosher food show. It is currently about 65% full, and counting. About 3,000 people are expected to attend, however not all will be required to work in the food industry. Usually, food conventions are strictly business oriented. Attendees include buyers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, who come to make new connections and ultimately, to expand their businesses. What is so unique about this show is that the exhibitors will have a chance to display and to give to out samples of their products to consumers as well. The day will be divided, with some hours dedicated exclusively for businesses, and some scheduled for both businesses and  consumers. This expands opportunities for businesses even further, since ultimately consumer purchase patterns drive buyers purchases. Many kosher food manufacturers in Europe ship their goods to the United States. These manufacturers must take long and expensive fights to attend trade shows such as this. However, this show is more centrally located in London, with flights only a few hours away from Israel and Europe. This will result in an even larger influx of specialty European brands turning out to display their products. Kosher food brands from Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, and all over Europe will be attending the KTrade show to build their businesses and to branch out. The show’s organizer promises this show to be different, exciting, and an event everyone will want to come back to.

KTrade Sizzles Both Day and Night

In addition to the daytime food show, there will be a more exclusive evening event. This special event will give suppliers and buyers yet another opportunity to network, while spending quality time together, allowing them to build better relationships for the future.

KTrade plans to make this the largest, most successful kosher food show in the world, and thus far it’s shaping up to be just that. The main goal is to broaden the span of kosher products that kosher European supermarkets have to offer, while simultaneously opening up a new market place for the rest of the kosher world to branch into, offering endless profitable opportunities.

The KTrade show will take place at Excel London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, Royal Docks, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom. For more information on this show visit the website www.koshertrade.co.uk 24 hour live chat, or email info@jtrade.co.uk, or call 1-845-203-1462 or +442088061998.