The Miracle Twins


Last month’s cover story (The Incredible Story of The Miracle Twins) was quite amazing. I would like to address this letter to the mother of the miracle twins. Your story about your two precious little girls was so inspirational. I was literally in tears while reading what you and your devoted husband went through. You shared such a personal, painful experience in such a meaningful and thoughtful way. I can’t wait to read about the birth of your second twin pregnancy of your twin boys! May you have much nachat (joy) from those beautiful babies and may Hashem give you many more such blessings.

Carol  T.

Hanukah Features

Thanks for the nice variety of Hanukah features that appeared in last month’s magazine. From Rabbi Mansour’s message of the true meaning of Hanukah, to the history of Hanukah, and of course the delicious Hanukah recipes. It was a bit odd, however, that you included a Hanukah gift guide considering that you had an article that kind of discouraged giving gifts on Hanukah. Personally, I do give gifts to my children, but I have a very specific plan. The first night I give socks or undershirts to remind my children that the main focus on Hanukah is not about giving or receiving gifts.  On the second night, I give Judaica books, reminding them of the importance of a Jewish education. On the 3rd night, we donate to a local charity. On the 4th night, we pick a family gift, something we can do together. The remainder of the nights I do give small gifts (many of which are homemade), which I have no problem doing. I am sure many will disagree, but I want my children to understand what gifts should be about and what our holiday is about as well. And I have to say, while I realize it is not for everyone, I love the tradition my family has established!

Rachel K.

Jersey City Tragedy

The recent tragedy in Jersey City just makes me sick. I find myself crying once again over Jews being killed, merely because they are Jews. It surely seems as though anti-Semitism has returned with a vengeance.

I saw a graphic that stated that more people have been senselessly murdered by gun violence in America in the last few years than in all of the U.S. military in war zones. If that is true, I think everyone, especially Jews, should contact their congressmen immediately and tell them that unless they stand up to Trump and the NRA to institute mandatory national gun reform, you will no longer vote for them. We must somehow find a solution to prevent this type of anti-Semitic violence from repeating itself.

Condolences to the families. May Hashem comfort them and protect them.

Ira B.

Wedding Planning Blues

Dear Jido, Your answers are usually so appropriate, that I was surprised at your answer in the November issue to the groom, who has a wealthy father, and asked for financial advice in regards to his wedding. Don’t organizations that help for weddings investigate where the money goes? I am not familiar with, but if the groom’s father is wealthy, why should they help? There are really poor people out there who have no money to make weddings.

  1. Katz

Jido responds:

I am not on their Board and can’t say for sure. It is possible they will turn them down or give them a nominal amount. I was offering the young couple another outlet for them to explore to (1) keep their spirits up, (2) reduce the strain on their personal finances, and (3) have an additional tool to discuss with both sets of parents as to why they should consider helping.

First Time Reader

I just saw your magazine for the first time – it’s so well done!!

It has the right balance between heavy, light, informative, and fun…

Bailey H.