Introducing PROPEL’s New Initiative, PropelED …


A career is a life path that allows you to follow your passion to new experiences and self-fulfillment. Building on clients’ talents, skills and dreams, PROPEL professionals help women decide on a career trajectory and guide them along every step of the way.

PROPEL recognizes that many careers require formal education past high school, including college and graduate school, to maximize both earning potential and job satisfaction and independence. PropelED – PROPEL’s newest initiative – is designed to escort clients traveling on the path of higher education.

PropelED is a game-changer. By creating a clearinghouse for information relating to careers in education and related fields (social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, etc.), as well as by providing hands-on, personalized mentoring to each client, PROPEL hopes to maximize each woman’s chance for success.

PropelED helps women navigate the often bewildering array of educational choices. We help clients determine the factors that are most important in making those choices. We help with the application process. In some cases, we help finance the education needed to achieve goals. We reach out to existing programs and guide the candidates to successful completion. And with linkages to community schools and agencies, we will work to ensure successful candidate placement.

PropelED plans to work with clients to achieve their career dreams through a variety of activities: workshops about careers, one-on-one mentoring and goal refinement, skills “boot camps,” and more. Building on established relationships with colleges and training programs, coaches can help clients find their “perfect education match,” apply, and successfully enroll. Informal networking with other clients on similar paths will help women create “communities of practice,” where they can share achievements and challenges, and strategize jointly.

PropelEd is coordinated by Gitta J. Neufeld, a nationally- recognized educator and teacher trainer who is well-known in the community. She has established deep relationships with area colleges and graduate schools and is able to match client needs and wishes with the appropriate programs.

Gitta works alongside

PROPEL’s certified career coach, Ellen Ades, and career counselor Caroll Dweck to help clients learn to think deeply about what they would like to do, and how to achieve that goal. Women are guided through the process and offered one-on-one coaching and assistance as needed, from application completion to study skills to time management. Thanks to her relationships with the colleges, Gitta is able to advocate for Community women and ensure a quality experience.

The time is now. Colleges and graduate programs are accepting applications. Reach out to PROPEL and find out how PropelEd can change your world.