Riddles – November 2021


Riddle: Coin Conundrum

Submitted by Melissa G.

I have a large money box, 12 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. How many quarters can I place in it until my money box is no longer empty?

Last Month’s Riddle: Three Doors

You’re escaping a maze, and there are three doors in front of you. The door on the left leads to a pit of lava. The door in the center leads to a room filled with deadly gas. The door on the right leads to a lion that hasn’t eaten in three months. Which door do you choose?

Solution: The door on the right. A lion that hasn’t eaten in three months would be dead!

Solved by: Lulu Saadia, Abraham Cohen, Elijah Cohen, Label Stein, The Blum Family, Gabe Solomon, Mandomike, and The Shmulster.

Junior Riddle: A Hairy Situation

Submitted by Zak S.

How can a man who shaves several times a day still sport a long beard?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Making Cents

In my hand, I have two coins that are newly minted. Together, they total 30 cents. One isn’t a nickel. What are the coins?

Solution: A quarter and a nickel.

Solved by: Lulu Saadia, Shmuli Lieberman, The Blum Family, The Shmulster, Carey T., and Big Mike.