A Win-Win: Hesed Organizations Team Up with MSB Softball League


The MSB softball league is bringing up this season’s games to a whole new level. We all know what amazing work the hesed organizations of our community do for us all. Now MSB is giving back to them in a great new way. Each team in the league will be named after one charity, giving them major publicity.

The exposure will be multi-pronged. Each organization’s logo will be featured on MSB’s social media and website, which are highly trafficked by the Syrian community. MSB’s Instagram page alone has a few thousand followers. The charities will also be featured on all league shows, videos, and highlight reels. The league has multiple shows a week, which get four to five hundred views per show. The league’s broadcast list has about two hundred fifty people. They also have thousands of readers like you following our game articles right here in Community Magazine. To further advertise these organizations, MSB is working on a promotional video. This will encourage support for the incredible work the organizations do. And representatives will be welcomed down to the field to fundraise.

The Seven Featured Hesed Organizations and Their Team Captains

The organizations to be featured this season include seven amazing charities. One is SFF (Sephardic Food Fund), a charity that gives money for food to the needy. This enables them to sustain themselves and their families in a dignified manner, without any shame. The captain for team SFF is Mordechai Grazi.

Also featured is Bnei Melachim, an organization that supports widows and orphans with whatever they may need. The captain for this team is Ralph Shama.

CARE is an acronym for community, advocacy, resources, and encouragement. The team at CARE live up to their name as they help special needs children and their families with tremendous dedication. Team CARE is captained by Mordy Chrem.

The Safe foundation featured as well. This charity well known for their life saving work. They provide clients and their families with counseling and support in dealing with addiction. Their goal is to educate all members of our community on the dangers of addiction and its prevention. Leo Esses is captain of Team Safe.

Another group that will be publicized is the Community Assistance Fund. It is the first organization people call when in need. They comfort callers and help to stabilize the situation, making sure the callers get whatever they need for the moment. They then guide them to the organizations best suited to help them long term. This team will be captained by Yanky Itzkowitz.

Also included is the Maskeel El Dal Society, which helps the needy as well as helping brides that cannot afford to make a wedding. In addition, they have a full day Hacham Baruch Kollel and a Bet Hora’ah. Team Maskeel El Dal’s captain is Dan Braun.

Another group that will be featured is the one and only SBH (Sephardic Bikur Holim). SBH helps our community in countless ways. Their food pantry provides food for anyone struggling financially. These families can also receive financial counseling to get back on their feet. SBH also offers mental health services and has a medical line for anyone seeking help in finding a suitable doctor. To keep our seniors connected and active in an enjoyable atmosphere, SBH has fantastic senior programs as well. Of course, all of these services are offered free of charge. Edmund Beyda will be the captain of team SBH.

This new endeavor will help raise money and heighten awareness for the beautiful work of these organizations. Bezrat Hashem each of these charities will gain tremendously through this initiative. MSB is helping to build our community’s future in hesed – one game at a time.

Team sponsorships are available. For more information please email Samjsutton@gmail.com.