Letters – July 2022


One’s Mission in Life 

Although I enjoyed and appreciated Rabbi Eli Mansour’s inspiring words last month (“Everybody Has Their Own Special and Unique Mission”), I never understood people’s hang-ups about trying to figure out their mission in life. There really is no need to knock yourself out trying to figure it out on your own – Gd will direct your steps to the location where your mission lies. 

Actually, Gd tells us plainly what our mission is. He says, “What do I desire more than sacrifice?” Then he tells us what that is. He wants us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, provide for the widows and orphans, and give to the poor. He tells us to love our neighbors and to do all kinds of good works. If we do His will, He will add joy to it. And I think that when we ask what is my mission, really it is happiness that we are looking for, and we are just feeling a little lost within the muck of self-interest. Gd understands that we need to work in order to be fulfilled. We have to love and work in order to gain the love that we are longing for. All of the things that Gd asks us to do are for our own personal joy in the end. That is the real miracle work of Gd. Obedience brings about happiness, joy, and fulfillment. 

Elliot D. 


Rav Chaim Kaniefsky, zt”l 

Many articles have been written about Rav Chaim Kaniefsky, zt”l, since his petira. All of them are most inspiring. I felt that Rabbi Meyer Yedid’s message (“He’s Closer Than We Think” – Issue #7) was unique in that it applied to and addressed all of us – both men and women.  

Rabbi Yedid explains how each of us can incorporate the Gadol Hador’s exemplary middot into ourselves in our everyday lives. 

Thank you Community for this illuminating article. 

Mrs. E. Berman 


Wedding Prep 

Great tips last month on wedding preparation (“Preparing for a Family Wedding”). One item that people are probably not aware of is the need for getting the right postage for the wedding invitations. Of course, you want the perfect stamps. But not all stamps are widely available at every post office, especially in large quantities. Save yourself scouting time by ordering them online at USPS.com. And be sure to weigh your invitation and all the additional paper products before you send them out so you can affix the right amount of postage. Ask your stationer about the need for additional postage for oddly shaped envelopes. 

Esther L. 


Positive Parenting 

Last month’s letter from the mother who was having difficulty with her teenage son (Positive Parenting column) was heart-breaking.  I have had my share of issues with teenagers (I raised seven). My advice to parents with teenagers is to let them know you appreciate them and that you are glad you are their parent.  A person sees themselves, first and foremost, through the eyes of their parents. When you look at them, your face should radiate pleasure and love, not anger and criticism. Light up when they come into a room. Don’t scowl at them. As King Solomon famously said, “As water reflects a face back to a face, so one’s heart is reflected back to him by another.” If your teenager is acting aggressively or disrespectfully, take note of your own mien and attitude when you speak to him or her. 

Robin N.


MDY Warriors 

Congrats to the players and coaches of the MDY Warriors on winning the 6th Grade Yeshiva League Title!  Although going undefeated is quite an outstanding feat – what was even more impressive was the team’s performance off the court. Their acts of sportsmanship and camaraderie is what makes them true champions.  

Irwin T.