HOLD ON – It’s hashem on the other line


We pray for Hashem to answer our requests. Sometimes the answer is there in front of our eyes. 

This story happened this past July. The Mitzvah Man answered a call from a man named Alan. Alan’s friend Harry, now in the mid-forties, had never put on tefillin before. Now Harry wants Alan to get him a pair of used tefillin and to show him how to put them on. 

“I can get him a new pair of tefillin, answered the Mitzvah Man, but Harry will have to fill out a few forms.” 

“No,” Alan replied, “Harry doesn’t have an issue with money. He doesn’t really understand the worth yet of buying himself a good pair of tefillin. Harry just wants a used pair so that he can start to observe this mitzvah.” 

The Mitzvah Man was thinking that it would really be easier to get a new pair than to find a reliable used pair.  

While Alan and the Mitzvah Man were still on the phone, another call came in. 

“Hold on Alan,” he said. “Let me take this call.” 

The caller told the Mitzvah man, “My grandfather passed away a few months ago and he left a good pair of tefillin. Does the Mitzvah Man have someone who could use them?” 

The Mitzvah Man couldn’t believe his ears! 

“I sure do! I will make the arrangements right now for the tefillin to be picked up.” 

The Mitzvah Man returned to Alan on the phone and told him about the open miracle that just occurred. Harry will have the tefillin he wanted the very next day! 

In telling over this story, the Mitzvah Man emphasized, “Sometimes Hashem shows the miracle instantly in front of our faces. We just have to look for it.”