PROPEL Summer Events


PROPEL’s mentorship division, supported by a grant from the UJA, welcomed teachers and women interested in education to TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY FOR EDUCATORS. Gitta Neufeld, PROPEL’s Educational Consultant and team leader of PROPEL Ed., invited Dr. Jeff Lichtman, our collaborative partner at Touro University (Touro University Director of Graduate Jewish Special Education), to share his views on the timely topic of anxiety in the classroom and in the home. His child-sensitive strategies shed light on better practices to implement in the classroom and beyond. Among the many takeaways from Dr. Lichtman’s presentation were: identify a child’s anxiety, do not harm, and build self-confidence.  

Our second presenter, PROPEL’s very own mentor Zeeva Weitzman (Early Childhood Education Consultant, NYC Department of Health), shared her personal journey in the world of education. Zeeva got her start at The Center, where she recalled her mentors Reggie Aracanchi and Amy Mishaan, and bringing her young baby to work with her on days when help was not available. Zeeva currently works for NYC Department of Health and encourages others to explore the many options the field of education offers.

This event for educators, graciously hosted by Ami and Ralph Sasson, housed so many participants that there was standing room only, all riveted by the topics presented. 

PROPEL supports all types of working women, and our next stop on the summer calendar was PIAZZA DI PROPEL, a 35-vendor-supported marketplace of community working women entrepreneurs selling everything from jewelry, clothing for children and adults, candles, flowers, Judaica, and so much more. In an effort to promote community women in the entrepreneurial space, PROPEL has created the Victoria Aronow PROPEL List. The List is a free digitized marketplace of women who sell food or other products, provide services, or have a profession, including the vendors at the Piazza event. Sign up and create a profile now in order to be included on the digital directory that illustrates women’s businesses, professions, and careers. Don’t delay, get Listed!

Inspiring meet-ups took place throughout the day. These included morning yoga, parenting, Mommy and me, art, and gardening. (Please see inset and congratulate all of our facilitators!)

A special thanks to Caroll Dweck Sutton, Sylvia Dweck Cabasso, and Leila Zeitouneh, along with the Young Leadership Division who organized and helped make this a successful endeavor. A special thanks to our generous hosts, Shelly and Ralph Antebi, for sharing their beautiful oceanfront backyard with PROPEL.

Self-awareness, self-confidence, and positive affirmations are all essential ingredients for helping to nurture and encourage all our successes in life. Who better than Sari Dana to host a POSITIVE FITNESS EXPERIENCE. Sari’s inspiring messaging, coupled with movement and mindset, proved to be another inspiring and well-attended PROPEL event. 

Stay tuned for TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY FOR MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS in PROPEL’s mentorship division. We have no doubt that the lessons to be explored will be invaluable.


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