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Reading is the gateway to learning in school and in life. In many instances, reading specialists are the catalysts that allow students to reach their full potential. Let’s meet Carol Missry, reading specialist extraordinaire.

Carol studied for her Bachelor of Science at New York University. She worked as a certified special education teacher for over twenty years in New Jersey’s most challenging public schools. Carol eventually focused becoming a reading specialist and trained in the Orton-Gillingham method. This method is a multisensory phonics technique for remedial reading instruction. Carol integrates this method along with others, as she sees fit. Carol considers the unique needs of each of her clients, so they can make optimal progress. She has been successfully teaching private clients for the past ten years and takes particular pride in having helped children who were struggling in math and language arts to reach fluency level.

Carol shares, “When I came to PROPEL, I was advised to brush up on my computer skills by signing up for classes through SBH Career Services Division. That advice led me to acquire skills that help me manage and market my business more efficiently. PROPEL is a great resource for every woman, no matter where she is on her journey to earn.”

Carol has a special talent for connecting with her students. And she makes learning enjoyable! Carol says, “The students enjoy the sessions because I create a fun and inviting learning environment.”

I asked Carol to share a success story. She related,  “I remember one 9th grader who could not read any of the letters of the alphabet. He was not interested in English Literature, so I had to identify what did interest him. We began focusing on song lyrics. After two years he was literate and was able to read.”

Carol does not judge her students, and she meets them wherever they are academically. She knows what it takes to engage pupils and inspire them to learn. Carol is creative in her approach to teaching, and will make use of different teaching methods and learning tools. Her students respond by reaching higher and higher. She has taken unmotivated do-no-homework types of children and helped them through a metamorphosis to emerge as enthusiastic learners who fully participate in the classroom.

Carol believes parents are the best advocates for their children and they must become involved in their children’s education.

Carol offers two parting pieces of advice, for students and for parents. For students: “All children want to do well. We must develop skills and strategies that remove obstacles to learning.” For parents: “Reading can be fun. Education can be fun. Make it enjoyable!”


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