Focus Education: A New Option


Business and Career Education Designed by our Community for our Community 


Michele Shrem 


Our community is proud to welcome Focus Education, a groundbreaking new project that will be opening this autumn – in September 2023 – for young men and women upon graduation from high school, offering them a new option for post-high school study that has never before been available.   


Focus Education was established in collaboration with Touro University, an international institution of higher education with over 50 years of experience providing an outstanding education to thousands of students. The project boldly aims to fill the growing – and increasingly urgent – need for quality, accredited business and career education offered in a time-efficient manner, in an environment that is free of the many various distractions and influences present in most colleges today which conflict with our community’s core beliefs and values.  


On the evening on April 24th, Focus hosted an open house at the campus, inviting prospective students, parents and concerned community members to learn about the new institution and the exciting opportunities it offers them. The room was filled to capacity with attendees eager to receive information  about the program and ask their questions. Abraham Sultan and Michael Tawil provided overviews of the program, and introduced to the audience Touro University’s Dean, world-renowned scholar, author and educator Dr. Henry Abramson, as well as Dean Esther Braun, who fielded many thoughtful questions from the attendees. 


A Focus on Accommodation 


Focus Education will be conveniently located right in the heart of our Brooklyn community, at 2002 Avenue J, at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Avenue J, in a state-of-the art learning facility that underwent a complete renovation in 2020. The institution will provide courses in various relevant areas and industries of business. Courses will be offered during morning, afternoon, or evening hours, in an effort to accommodate all students’ schedules. 


Focus Education’s students will have the opportunity to enroll in a program that currently covers more than ten different professions, including Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, Digital Multimedia, JAVA Programming, Cybersecurity & Network, Sonography, Real Estate, Paralegal, and Education.  


While some students may be comfortable attending a typical four-year college/campus program, others might choose to pursue different options.  Many students prefer not to have to devote four years to obtaining a degree, or feel that many courses which typical colleges require – often in the first year – are simply not relevant to their professional aspirations. At Focus, students can jump right into whatever track they choose, and take classes that not only interest them, but have relevance to their career goals. They are able to immediately delve into the subjects that interest them the most, without having to wait, and without having to take courses which they find unnecessary.  


A Program Tailor-Made for Our Community 


Focus Education’s program offers numerous attractive benefits to students from our community. First and foremost, the school will be closed on all Jewish holidays. Additionally, the school will be able to assist in securing internships and jobs both during and upon graduation. The staff is committed to both enabling students to gain competence in the field of their choice, and then help them gain hands-on experience in that field. Moreover, students who choose to spend time studying in Israel can use the credits they receive from those institutions towards their degree. This will fast track them even more. 


No less importantly, our community’s students will be taking business courses together, forging meaningful relationships with one another and laying the groundwork for future business collaborations. And, the students can further their education in a safe, warm, community environment, without having to deal with the pressure of college environments that can be hostile to our religious values and principles, posing a real threat to our young adults’ religious commitment.  


All Touro courses offered at Focus Education are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. A student can complete an Associate’s degree in 12 to 18 months, and then follow optional tracks to continue onto pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. There will also be an opportunity to continue with a Touro Graduate program for those seeking a higher degree. 


Why choose Focus Education? Students can receive credits from their institutions in Israel, take business courses immediately, fast track, collaborate with their peers, and have the flexibility to schedule their college studies around part-time yeshiva study or work if they so desire. The men and women of Focus Education receive all this in a convenient location, in a new building, with professors from an accredited school, and in an environment that is consistent with our community’s values. These benefits make Focus the perfect option for many of our community’s youngsters taking their first steps toward a future of professional success. 


To learn more about this exciting new program, and to find out whether it is right for you, or for your son or daughter, please contact Focus Education to request more information:  (718) 426-5040 / 

Focus Education 

In Partnership with Touro University 

2002 Avenue J, Brooklyn, New York 11230 

(718) 426-5040 / 

Focus Education is not a college or university and does not offer credit-bearing courses or degrees in New York State. The credits provided, and the degrees described, are offered through Touro University, and are subject to change at their sole discretion.