Sephardic Community Federation Leads the Charge Against Coney Island Casino


The Sephardic Community Federation has taken a firm stand against the proposed casino in Coney Island. Spearheading the “No Coney Casino” initiative, the SCF has launched the website, urging all community members to join their cause by signing a petition protesting the approval of a  casino.  


Uniting the Community 

The Sephardic Community Federation has galvanized the community by launching the “No Coney Casino” initiative. Recognizing the potential dangers posed by the casino, the SCF  has taken the lead in organizing and mobilizing residents of Southern Brooklyn to stand together in opposition. Their website,, serves as a central platform to spread awareness and for everyone to sign the petition, ensuring that our voices are heard loud and clear. 


Preserving Community Values 

The Sephardic Community Federation’s initiative highlights its commitment to preserving the values that make Coney Island a cherished landmark. By opposing the casino, the SCF aims to protect the area from the threats that a casino would bring. The SCF understands that a casino would pose a danger  to our Community’s  cherished values, and they are determined to safeguard those values for future generations. 


Empowering Community Engagement 

Through the “No Coney Casino” initiative, the Sephardic Community Federation empowers community members to actively participate in shaping the future of Coney Island. By signing the petition, individuals can express their concerns and contribute to a collective effort to prevent  the casino’s approval. This initiative serves as a reminder that the power of community engagement can influence the decisions made by elected officials.. 


Amplifying the Opposition 

The Sephardic Community Federation’s leadership in the “No Coney Casino” initiative amplifies the opposition to the casino proposal. By taking a prominent stance, the SCF encourages other community organizations and individuals to join the cause. Their proactive approach ensures that the concerns regarding addiction risks, economic disruption, and the erosion of community values, are voiced effectively, and in conjunction with other leading organizations. 


The Call to Action 

Led by the Sephardic Community Federation, the “No Coney Casino” initiative has become a pivotal force in the fight against the proposed casino in Coney Island. With the launch of their website,, the SCF  invites all Community members over the age of 18 to unite and sign the petition, sending a powerful message of opposition.  

By harnessing the strength of Community engagement, the Sephardic Community Federation is working tirelessly to preserve the Community’s values, protect against addiction risks, and ensure a prosperous and vibrant future for all residents of Southern Brooklyn. 


The SCF urges  all Community members over the age of 18 to log on to and sign the petition today.