Hashem Always Takes Care Of His Children


Pnina Souid 

Summer is behind us and Jews the world over are preparing for school and the holidays. A very special woman who runs a children’s clothing gemach recently found herself unable to provide for the needy families who count on her. On a recent Monday she turned to the Mitzvah Man. 

A Caller Reaches Out 

“This year our donors’ contributions were not enough to cover the costs of new clothing for the 200 families we help. I know that you have connections with clothing manufacturers and I am hoping you could please help me to get me children’s clothing. Even a few dozen outfits would help.” 

The Mitzvah Man thought carefully, but responded that he did not have contacts who manufacture kids clothing. So sorry!  

Clothing Min Hashamayim 

The following erev Shabbat the Mitzvah Man received a call from Mrs. Hersh, the owner of a wholesale children’s clothing company. Thirty cartons of children’s clothing had just been delivered to her home, which, due to the lateness of the delivery, she was unable to sell. She did not want the hassle of returning all those boxes, she wanted to donate them all to tzedaka, to help needy children. The boxes were literally boxing her in! They were stacked in her house, on the porch, and in the driveway. The boxes contained over 500 pieces of clothing. She asked if there was any way possible for the boxes to be collected before the start of Shabbat.  It was already noontime.  

Mitzvah Man looked Heavenwards and offered a thanks to the One Above. He told Mrs. Hersh about the children’s gemach in desperate need of children’s clothing for the upcoming holidays. He assured her that they will be delighted to send vans to collect all the boxes before Shabbat.  


Here is another example of how Hashem takes care of His children, and how the Mitzvah Man serves as the conduit for His kindness.