Riddles – October 2023


Riddle:  Two’s Company

Submitted by: Lawrence P.

How do you write the number 23 using only the number 2?


Last Month’s Riddle: School Library

You and a group of your friends are in the school library. One friend says there is a $100 dollar bill hidden between pages 25 and 26 of one of the books on the top shelf of the library. But you decide not to go and look for it. Why?


Solution:  You know that the odd number in a book is always on the right and the even number is always on the left, so the page numbers you were given could not be facing each other. Therefore, you know for a fact that the money could not be hidden there.


Solved by: Family Blum, H. Soleimani, Big Mike, Esther Bildirici,

Joy Pinedo, The Shmulster, and Morris Kabani.


Junior Riddle:  Mystery Word

Submitted by: Karen B. .

What word contains 26 letters, but only three syllables?


Last Month’s Junior Riddle A Royal Mystery

Inside a huge palace on a desert island there were a king, queen, and twins – but no people. How can that be?  


Solution: The king, queen, and twins were mattresses!

Solved by: Alexander F., Family Blum, H. Soleimani, Big Mike, Esther Bildirici,

Jonah Pinedo, Cohens of Englewood, The Shmulster, Martin J., and The Big Cheese.