SY Opportunities – The Latest Wave in Hesed Is Taking the Community by Storm


$36 down – $369 to go!  

$250 down – $119 to go! 

$101 down – $18 to go! 


$6,200 in a little over 45 minutes…  




If you thought this sounds like an excerpt from an exciting auction of some sort, you’d be absolutely correct. 


But, instead of artwork or jewelry, the grand prize is far more precious – the golden opportunity to help a struggling community member in need and to earn a priceless mitzvah.  


In fact, once a week each case, carefully vetted and approved by Rabbi David Ozeri, is called exactly that – SY Opportunities. 


SY Opportunities is lovingly dedicated in memory of Ralph Tawil, a”h, a man who was selflessly dedicated to the community, whose sterling middot made him a true role model for all that were privileged to know him.  


The members describe the group best: 


“It’s a simple yet innovative ‘strength in numbers’ idea. Anonymously being able, at a click of a button, to donate any amount no matter how small or large, or even none at all, and watch the exciting countdown to success IN REAL TIME, to witness and be a part of this race to hesed is a truly exhilarating experience!” - Sharon C. 


“I don’t even know how I stumbled on it! Someone randomly added me to the chat. But I couldn’t believe what I was watching once I started…and even giving a little each time makes you feel like such a part of it. And it’s so nice how the little contributions are valued just as much as the larger ones.” – Kelly M. 


“I can’t believe this beautiful chat…I have tears in my eyes.” – Linda D. 


“I have been so astounded so far by this group and I think the method you’re using of acknowledging every contribution and counting down the funds needed is so effective. It’s so incredible and amazing to watch the number shrink, usually in no time at all!” – Abie S. 

“Being a participant of this unique chat is truly invigorating. At first, you genuinely sympathize with the community member in need, you then see the outpouring support from the rest of the participants and realize you have an actual chance to help, no matter how much you give…it’s the most incredible feeling! I feel so blessed to be part of our wonderful community!” – Daniel S.       



Don’t Miss YOUR Golden Opportunity 

To be a part of this fast-growing movement, grab your own golden opportunity and text, “I’m in” to 2123981002 or scan the QR code and join this incredible group!