Community Highlights – Magen David Warriors Win the MYHSAL Yeshivah League Championship



The Magen David Warriors defeated their crosstown rivals in Yeshivah of Flatbush in an overtime thriller. The Warriors were led by a superb coaching staff in head coach Ike Dweck, and assistant coaches, Benny Mann and Morris Zarif. Each of the previous matchups with the YOF Falcons have been thrillers and this one was no different.


After facing a six point first-half deficit, the Warriors had to find a way to shift the momentum. They used their patented full-court press to cut the deficit to two and you felt the momentum shifting in the gym. After a back-and-forth fourth quarter, the Warriors were down by one with under a minute to go.


The Warriors found an answer in a Mark Sardar pull-up jumper with just under 30 seconds left. After a Flatbush free throw, the game went to overtime.


Flatbush struck first in overtime by converting a free throw, but Moses Smeke immediately followed with a pull-up jumper. Joshua Chabbott would hit a clutch three pointer to put Magen David up by four. The final score was 57-48.


Moses Smeke led all scorers with 13 points. Mark Sardar added 12 points and Jack Haber added 10. Phillip Sherr was awarded Finals MVP with stellar point guard play.


The Warriors won their second championship in five years and their hard work throughout the season had paid off. Magen David’s hard earned victory only came after putting in long, hard hours in the gym. Their comradery and work ethic makes them deserving of such an amazing accomplishment. After practicing since last March, the Warriors now owned a 35-2 record along with three tournament victories, and most importantly a Yeshiva League Championship!

Mastering Masechet Sukkah with Oraysa Amud V’Chazarah 

Thousands of Lomdei Oraysa from around the globe have just celebrated the completion of Masechet Yoma with the Oraysa Amud V’Chazarah  program that has revolutionized the Torah world.

On the first day of Hol Hamoed Pesach, Oraysa lomdim began Masechet Sukkah.

The timing of this next Masechta coincides beautifully with the calendar, as Oraysa is set to finish Masechta Sukkah just in time for Succot of 5785.

Participants describe the immense satisfaction that they receive from the innovative program that calls for the studying of one amud a day, five days a week, with Friday and Shabbat dedicated to reviewing the two-and-a-half blatt learnt over the week. With this format, each amud is learned and mastered.

The shiurim available on Oraysa’s website and hotline featuring top-notch magidei shiur in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew have also proven to be a major attraction. The handy Oraysa calendar is one user-friendly tool that many carry around that helps lomdim stay up-to-date and keep track of what they’ve learned. It is just one of the many resources offered by Oraysa.

It has become a common sight to see lomdim proudly bearing the highly popular “Yalkut Oraysa.” This booklet is a masterfully created work of marei mekomot, explanations, daily quizzes, and halacha l’ma’aseh that are utilized as important aids to enhance the learning of thousands of avid Lomdei Oraysa.

For anyone looking to acquire a Masechta and gain daily satisfaction and simcha in learning, Oraysa may just be the program you are looking for!

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