Softball Under the Lights: Preview of the M&S Summer Night League


Sam J. Sutton

The 2024 M&S Summer Night League is set to ignite the summer with its 17th season, continuing a cherished tradition of competitive softball under the lights. This year’s opening night carries a special significance as it features two rookie captains leading their teams into battle. Edmond Beyda’s IDF will face off against Uri Adler’s Dawg Pound, setting the stage for a thrilling start to the season. 

Let’s meet the teams…

IDF: Youthful Energy and Athleticism

Under the leadership of Edmond Beyda, also known as “The Phenom,” the IDF boasts a roster teeming with youthful talent and athleticism. Beyda himself is a formidable presence on the mound, setting the tone for a team that combines speed, power, and defensive prowess.

David “Buca” Cohen: Known for his explosive power at the plate and remarkable speed on the bases, Cohen is expected to be a key offensive force.

Joey Cohen: The team’s slick shortstop, renowned for his defensive skills and quick reflexes.

Isaac Sasson: An up-and-coming outfielder with the potential to make significant contributions.

Eric Cytyn: A defensive wizard whose plays can change the momentum of the game.

Bernie Pindek: A power hitter capable of delivering game-changing base knocks.

Yossi Abramson: A versatile player with a wide range of skills, making him an invaluable asset.

Mordy Chrem: Known for his lockdown defense, Chrem will help anchor the infield.

Jack Bibi: The super utility man, ready to fill multiple roles as needed. 

Maurice Haber: A veteran and future Hall of Famer, bringing leadership and experience.

Albert Massre and Alfonse Missry: The dynamic catching duo, reliable behind the plate and adept at handling pitchers.

Dawg Pound: Experience and Power

Uri Adler’s Dawg Pound combines the wisdom of seasoned veterans with the promise of talented rookies. Adler’s leadership and strategic acumen make the Dawg Pound a formidable opponent.

Saul Cohen and Hank Dwek: Prolific sluggers who can dominate the game with their batting prowess.

Aaron Cohen: A top-tier center fielder, known for his exceptional defensive skills and batting consistency.

Morris “Mo-Mo” Levy: Entering his rookie season with high expectations and a lot of potential.

Ralph Hanan: The seasoned pitcher aiming for an unprecedented fourth M&S championship.

Nussi Jacobovitch: Returning after a hiatus, adding depth and experience to the roster.

Lawrence Kurtz: The team’s X-factor, recovering from ACL surgery and ready to prove himself.

David Minzer: A new recruit with high aspirations and potential.

Isaac “IC HOT” Cohen: Known for his powerful bat and tendency to go viral.

Ricky “The Railroad” Rothstein: Another rookie with high hopes and the skills to back them up.

David “Coney” Cohen: A World Series-winning catcher, bringing his championship experience to the team.

The Anticipation Builds

As opening night approaches, fans and players alike are buzzing with excitement. The matchup between IDF and Dawg Pound promises to be a captivating spectacle, with both teams eager to make a strong start to the season. The game will not only showcase the talents of two rookie captains but will also highlight the dynamic blend of veteran experience and youthful exuberance on both sides.

A Season of Excitement and Community

The M&S Summer Night League promises to be more than just a game. It will be a celebration of community, tradition, and the love of softball. Fans will gather to support their teams, enjoy the camaraderie, and witness the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting and competitive season.

Let the games begin!